Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - September 27, 2016
REVISED September 27, 2016 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #24

Consent of Property Owner from Manatee County for a portion of unimproved right-of-way known as Kay Road


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Joy Leggett-Murphy, Land Acquisition Division Manager, Property Management, Extension 3439

Larry Decker, Real Property Specialist, Property Acquisition Division, Property Management, Extension 6287

Action Requested
  • Execution of Consent of Property Owner from Manatee County to Upper Manatee 288, LLC, and Manatee Land Investors, LLC.

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Florida Statutes, Chapter 125

Chapter 190.005 provides for the exclusive and uniform method for establishment of a community development district located entirely within a county.

Background Discussion

Manatee County is the owner of a portion of right-of-way known as Kay Road.

Upper Manatee 288, LLC, and Manatee Land Investors, LLC (collectively, the "Petitioners") intend to submit a petition to establish the Watercolor Place Community Development District (CDD).

In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 190, Florida Statutes, the Petitioners are required to include the written consent of 100 percent of the owners of lands to be included within the CDD for establishment of the CDD.

As an owner of lands that constitute a portion of the proposed Watercolor Place Community Development District, Manatee County is requested to consent to the inclusion of property within the proposed CDD.

County Attorney Review
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Explanation of Other
Assistant County Attorney William Clague reviewed the document for acceptance by the Board.

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records

Please return a certified copy of the executed document to Larry Decker at larry.decker@mymanatee.org, Fred Goodrich at fred.goodrich@mymanatee.org, and David Jackson at djackson@swflgovlaw.com

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  Watercolor Place CDD-Consent of Property Owner .pdf
Attachment:  Kay Rd - Watercolor Place CDD - Loc map.pdf
Attachment:  Email from Assistant County Attorney William Clague.pdf