Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - September 24, 2013
REVISED September 24, 2013 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #58

Dedication of Right of Way and Subordination of Utility Interests to Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) on 15th Street East (SR 70A), FDOT Parcels 500.1 and 500.2


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Lynn Willis, Property Management, Ext. 6287
Joaquin Servia, Division Manager, Property Acquisition, Ext. 3021

Action Requested

ADOPT Resolution R-13-157; Execute County Deed to the State of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for highway purposes. The property is located on the west side of 15th Street E. (SR 70A) at the intersection of 44th Avenue East; Execute Affidavit; Execute Donation of Property to the Florida Department of Transportation Letter, and Execute Closing Statement.

ADOPT Resolution R-13-158; Execute Subordination of County Utility Interests with the State of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for highway purposes.

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Chapters 125 and 127, Florida Statutes, Comprehensive Plan, Goal 5.1 addresses the safety and efficiency of forecasted vehicular demands.

Background Discussion

The capital improvement plan for the 44th Avenue East Road Right of Way Improvement Project was originally approved during the fiscal year of 1994/1995 on February 25, 1994. This project was re-approved during the fiscal year of  2009/2010 on September 15, 2009, with Resolution R-09-219.

The FDOT has an ongoing project to improve 15th Street East (SR 70A) near the intersection of 44th Avenue East.  Additional rights-of-way are required, of which Manatee County has ownership of certain portions within this corridor.  Transfer of the ownership to FDOT of the required rights-of-way will be necessary to build the improvements and for maintenance. These parcels were acquired through the 44th Avenue East, 12th to 19th Street Project. 

This County Deed will convey those rights-of-way previously acquired from PDG Electric Partnership, Parcel 138 A & B; Russel A. Boncoski, Sr., Parcels 139 A & B; and Oneco Associates, L.L.C., Parcel 140.

A subordination is also required by FDOT for this project.  The utility easement was dedicated to Manatee County on January 27, 1966, from Lee A. and Arveta Thorpe. FDOT is willing to pay for the relocation of any impacted County facilities, if necessary.

County Attorney Review
Formal Written Review (Opinion memo must be attached)

Explanation of Other

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records

Please return certified copies of the Resolutions; the original County Deed, Affidavit, Subordination of Utility Interests,  Donation of Property to the Florida Department of Transportation Letter and Closing Statement to Lynn Willis, Property Acquisition, lynn.willis@mymanatee.org, for forwarding to FDOT for approval and recording.

Please return a copy of the approved agenda item to Lynn Willis, Property Management, lynn.willis@mymanatee.org, Sandra Murphy, Legal Assistant, County Attorney's Office, sandra.murphy@mymanatee.org

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
Code cost of $391.00 to 335-6071160 (Road Impact Fees Dist. D.)

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  R13 157 deed FDOT.pdf
Attachment:  County Deed FDOT.pdf
Attachment:  affidavit FDOT.pdf
Attachment:  R13 158 subn FDOT.pdf
Attachment:  Subordination FDOT.pdf
Attachment:  closing statemt FDOT.pdf
Attachment:  Donation letter FDOT.pdf
Attachment:  RLS response FDOT.pdf