Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - October 9, 2018
REVISED October 9, 2018 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #30

Fee Schedule - Parks & Natural Resources


Contact and/or Presenter Information
Charlie Hunsicker / Director / x 6001

Matt Porter / Recreation Division Manager / x 6005

Action Requested
Adoption of Resolution R-18-157, amending R-18-137, and providing for changes to the Parks and Natural Resources Department Fee Schedule, with an effective date.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
FS 125

Background Discussion
The Parks and Natural Resources Department operations are continually being fine-tuned to meet the needs of the community in the most efficient and economical way possible.  The intent is not to compete with private organizations and neighboring communities, but to provide access and services at a cost affordable to all, thereby affording the opportunity for more citizens to enjoy our county-owned and operated facilities.

Staff recommended changes to the Fee Schedule are as follows (see attached Proposed Fee Schedule with Strike-throughs):
  • Provide the Director with discretionary authority to write off credits not used within 90 days, giving fiscal staff a mechanism to clear financials and records in the RecTrac online payment system.

  • Pool rentals are generally scheduled outside the facilities normal operating hours, whereby lifeguards must be on-duty as well.  To offset staff costs, the following fees will be increased.  G.T. Bray Pool's Resident/Social 50-meter Wing Rental fee, Commercial Dive Well Rental fees for Competitive Team Training and Competitive Dive Meets, and the Aquatic Facilities Scuba Classes fees. (p. 12 & 14)
    • 50M Wing Rental
      $10 to $15/hr
    • Dive Well Rental (Competitive Team Training)
      $15 to $20/hr
    • Dive Well Rental (Competitive Dive Meet)
      $30 to $35/hr
    • Scuba Classes
      $30 to $33/hr

  • Periodically, different types of educational groups (School Board, non-School Board, Home School, Parochial, or Private) utilize the aquatic facilities during non-Operating Hours.  In most instances, when a large group visits the facility, it is necessary to have extra lifeguards on the pool deck.  An adjustment to the fee for these groups is two-fold; to offset staff costs and to be fair to our guests, all participants will be charged $3/hour. Currently, if a group brings just one participant over the limit of 50, the group must pay an additional $40/hour. (p.14)
    • School Board Group, non-School Board, Educational Group, Home School, Parochial, Private School
      $40/hr/per 50 participants to $3/hr/per participant

  • Correct the Addition Family Member / Annual and 6-Month Recreation Membership fees to the G.T. Bray Recreation Center.
    • Additional Family Member
      $6.25 to $10.00 Bank Draft/Month
      $75.00 to $90.00 Annual

  • Add new Fitness fees for Non-profit Schools/Organization to have Team Training Sessions in a group setting. (p.19)
    • Team Training Session (staff led)/1-hour
      $30 (3-5 trainees*)
      $50 (6-9 trainees*)
      $65 (10+ trainees*)
      *All Trainees must have Membership or Daily Guest Pass.

  • Over the past year, many of the park pavilions have been brought up to ADA standards by adding sidewalks and ADA compliant tables.  As a result, some of the pavilions now have less seating.  Capacity "ranges" will be added to the current fees for Pavilion rentals. (p. 20)
    • Picnic Pavilion with or without electricity
      (capacity 16 - 32)
    • Picnic Pavilion with or without electricity
      (capacity 40 - 56)
    • Picnic Pavilion with or without electricity
      (capacity 64 - 96)

  • Remove the Botanical Garden Pavilion from the Facility Rentals list as the Palma Sola Botanical Garden property has been deeded to the on-site Foundation and the pavilion is no longer available to rent. (p.20)

  • Increase hourly and 30-minute fees to rent Ball Machine with tennis balls. (p.22)
    • Ball Machine/with tennis balls
      $13 to $15/hour + daily fee/person
      $6.50 to $7.50/hour + daily fee/person

  • Increase Racquet Stringing Service fee. (p.21)
    • Racquet Stringing Service
      $13.50 to $15.00

  • Remove the $50 Lifeguard Certification (32 hour course, includes materials) for residents from the Aquatics Programs as this program was initiated so lifeguards could easily step into vacant seasonal position.  As most of these lifeguards are using their certifications elsewhere, residents will pay the same $180 fee as non-residents. (p.24)
  • Add a staff operated Pickleball Tournament fee range for a "pilot" program to be developed. (p.27)
    • Pickleball Tournament (staff operated)
      $15 - $60

  • Add a "pilot" Junior Tennis Program for elementary through high school aged participants. (p.27)
    • Junior Tennis Program
      $45/session (6) 30-minute classes (age 10 and under) $60/session (6) 1-hour classes (middle or high school age)

  • Change the name of "Pickleball 101" to "Pickleball Group Clinic". (p.27)

  • Add "Pickleball" to 70/30% Contracted Tennis Lessons. (p.27) 
    • Contracted Tennis/Pickleball Lessons (70/30%)*
      *Approved Individually through Contract via Purchasing Department

  • Add a price range for a can of Tennis Balls sold under Resale Tennis Items. (p. 28)
    • Tennis Balls (can)

  • Primitive Camping is authorized at Duette, Rye, and Robinson Preserves.  We would like to add the following miscellaneous camping supplies to the Fee Schedule and have available for sale to our patrons. (p.33)
    • Firewood Bundle
    • Resale Items (insect repellent, lighters, marshmallows, etc.)
The effective date of all changes above will be October 9, 2018.
  • Increase Residents Permit Fees in the Duette Preserve Hunt Program. (p.33)
    • Hunt Permit (Small Game) (camping privileges included)
      $20 to $25
    • Turkey Permit (camping privileges included)
      $150 to $175
The effective date of all changes above will be August 1, 2019.
Sales tax shall continue to be charged in addition to the fees where no exemption applies and the tax has been imposed by law.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

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Fund 106

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Attachment:  Resolution R-18-157_Fee Schedule .pdf
Attachment:  P&NRD Proposed Fee Schedule with Strike-throughs_Oct 9, 2018.pdf
Attachment:  P&NRD Proposed Fee Schedule_Oct 9, 2018.pdf