Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - October 20, 2015
REVISED October 20, 2015 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #17

IFB 15-2855BLS, VCE Integrated Dual Site Server & Storage Solution


Contact and/or Presenter Information
Mike Hotaling, Security Manager, Information Technology Department, Ext 1607

Paul Alexander, Director, Information Technology Department, Ext 3737

Bonnie Sietman, Sr. Buyer, Purchasing Division, Financial Management Department, Ext 3046

Action Requested
Authorization to award IFB 15-2855BLS, VCE Integrated Dual Site Server & Storage Solution, to Presidio Networked Solutions, Inc., of Tampa, Florida, for a total of $2,078,613.00.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
Manatee  County Code of Laws

Background Discussion
As part of the County's converged technology deployment, the  County solicited bids on a VBlock system built on the Cisco unified computing system with Intel Xeon processor and storage from EMD and virtualization from VMware.  Included in the deployment are the following services:
  • Perform post-install quality check that ensures no faults or other error conditions.
  • Verify solution for production operation including power, cooling, software, firmware, and hardware configuration.
  • Integrate the system into existing network, backup, monitoring, and other solutions as required.
  • Migrate licensing and establish vendor maintenance and support.
  • Configure all elements according to best practices for availability, performance, capacity, maintainability, and transfer knowledge to staff about these best practices. 
  • Install, test, verify, and demonstrate management facilities including hardware and software.
  • Provide documentation, including as-built diagrams, inventory, procedures, run books, and related resources necessary for maintenance, troubleshooting, monitoring, and other operations of the environment.
  • Perform pre-production testing including typical virtual server operations (assign ports, add VLANs).  Test and verify redundancy and failover of each layer of the solution.
  • Migrate existing data from current NetApp storage controllers (NFS / SMB) and virtual servers into new infrastructure.  This includes VMware data stores as well as direct NFS / SMB mounts.
  • Work with County staff to resolve any outstanding functional, performance, reliability, capacity, or other issues to ensure the solution works as expected prior to final acceptance.
  • Provide a warranty period to cover all aspects of the solution.

Invitation For Bid (IFB) 15-2855BLS was directly solicited to seven (7) bidders, and publicly noticed on MyManatee.org and Manatee County Chamber.  In addition, five (5) planholders on Demand Star downloaded the documents.

Formal, competitive sealed bid procedures were followed resulting in two bids.  One of the bidders submitted a responsive, responsible sealed bid.  The other bidder was deemed non-responsive because he submitted his bid late and unsealed.  The Purchasing Division contacted the remaining bidders whom had been directly solicited to ascertain why they elected not to submit a bid.  One (1) bidder advised that he did not wish to compete for this opportunity. Another bidder confirmed that the bid was received and forwarded internally as appropriate; however, the bid unfortunately was lost within their organization. The remaining three (3) bidders did not respond to the County's request for an explanation.

Bid pricing is $56,600 less than current written estimates obtained by the County which are based upon recent market data.

This project is funded in the FY 2016 budget.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

Explanation of Other

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records

Copy of approved agenda to:

Presidio Networked Inc., 4300 W. Cypress Street, Suite 800, Tampa, Florida 33607
bonnie.sietman@mymanatee.org (Purchasing Division)
michael.hotaling@mymanatee.org (Information Technology Department)
chuck.peadbody@mymanatee.org (Information Technology Department)

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
$2,078,613.00 - Accounts: 4010008500 ($150,000); 4010008400 ($50,000); 3106066700 ($150,000); 3106087003 ($600,000); 0010004301 ($433,577.64); 3106087000 ($350,000); and 3106087001 ($345,035.36)

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  IT Letter of Recommendation.pdf