Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - November 28, 2017
REVISED November 28, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #21

Gopher Tortoise Habitat Assistance Grant Contract


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Charlie Hunsicker
Department Director, Parks and Natural Resources Department

Action Requested

Acceptance of Purchase Order B1F99C from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in the amount of $14,901.24 for improving gopher tortoise habitat at Duette Preserve; and adoption of Budget Resolution B-18-018 amending the annual budget of Manatee County, FL, for FY 2018.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
F.S. 125
F.S. 129.06

Background Discussion

Parks and Natural Resources Gopher Tortoise Grant Award Summary  

Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources Department responded in August 2017 to a request for proposals which was sent out to eligible entities including local governments for the Gopher Tortoise Habitat Management Assistance program administered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. We were notified of our award in October 2017, via e-mail, that we have been selected, on a competitive basis, for the fourth consecutive year, to receive funds for the management (improvement) of gopher tortoise habitat in county preserves.

Program Details:

Awarding Agency & Program: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Gopher Tortoise Habitat Management program

Project Area: Selected portions of Duette Preserve totaling 108.98 acres and consisting of scrub and flatwoods areas inhabited by gopher tortoises as well as the Florida Scrub Jay

Work: The scope of work will include the selective tree reduction of sand pines and oaks by a contracted chainsaw crew. These trees have made it more difficult to reintroduce prescribed fire, an essential natural process for the long-term maintenance of Gopher tortoise and Florida Scrub Jay Habitat as well as other protected species. Work will also include the removal of Invasive exotic plants that negatively impact habitat followed by a prescribed fire to be conducted by a certified prescribed burn manager on county staff.

Award: $14,901.24 has been awarded through a reimbursement program where paid invoices for work completed are submitted and reimbursement is then paid by the state to the County

Timeline (Pending approval): Project start (In-house elements) – Upon approval by  the Board of County Commissioners, Project Completion - June 30, 2018

Impacts to visitors:  One of the trails may be briefly closed for a few weekdays. No other Facilities or amenities will be impacted and the majority of the preserve will be accessible during all normal visiting hours even while work is progressing. Certain vistas will ultimately be improved allowing visitors to more readily observe the Florida Scrub Jay and Gopher tortoise.

Adoption of budget Resolution B-18-018 is also being requested

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (Utilizes exact document or procedure approved within the last 18 months)

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Instructions to Board Records
Send approved agenda to jayne.roberts@mymanatee.org, michael.elswick@mymanatee.org, budget@mymanatee.org, and judy.moree@manateeclerk.com.

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
$14,901.24 FFWCC

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  B-18-018 FFWC Gopher Tortoise Habitat Grant.pdf
Attachment:  Combined P.O.pdf