Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - May 22, 2018
REVISED May 22, 2018 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #24

Request for Proposals No.18-TA002693AJ Corrosion and Odor Control Services


Contact and/or Presenter Information
Contact: Abigail Jenkins, Financial Management Department, Procurement Division, Ext. 3062

Presenter: Jeff Goodwin, Deputy Director Utilities, Utilities Department, ext.5235

Action Requested
Authorization to award five-year agreements for Corrosion and Odor Control Services to Evoqua Water Technologies and Premier Magnesia, LLC for a combined not-to-exceed amount of $2,985,740.

Authorize the County Administrator, or designee, to execute the Agreements.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
Manatee County Code of Laws

Background Discussion
On March 8, 2018, the County advertised Request for Proposals (RFP) No.18-TA002693AJ for Corrosion and Odor Control Services. Two responsive and responsible proposals were received from Evoqua Water Technologies, Sarasota, Florida, and Premier Magnesia, LLC, Tampa, Florida. Proposals were evaluated based upon the criteria in the RFP. The maximum possible technical score was 75.  The scores for the firms are as follows:

Firm                                              Score
Evoqua Water Technologies 73    
Premier Magnesia 68

The cost submitted by each firm varies based on the product used. Staff negotiated Agreements with Evoqua Water Technologies and Premier Magnesia, LLC that resulted in contract award to both companies. Evoqua Water Technologies will be the primary contractor to manage the scope of work for calcium nitrate processes and vapor phase treatment processes, and Premier Magnesia will be the primary contractor managing the scope of work for the magnesium hydroxide treatment process. The Agreements staff is presenting to the Commission are for a total not-to-exceed annual amount of $2,985,740 combined. Each Agreement is for one year with the option to renew for an additional four years.

Individual Annual Contract value:
Evoqua Water Technologies:  $2,000,000
Premier Magnesia, LLC:  $985,740

The Utilities Department has need for odor and corrosion control services throughout the wastewater system and requires a comprehensive service approach to address the entire system. The contractors will provide 24-hour maintenance and emergency response for odor and corrosion control services for approximately 100 equipment applications installed in the County's waste water system that encompasses over 650 lift stations, three water reclamation facilities, and a thermal bio-solids dryer. Pursuant to the agreement, the contractors will furnish all necessary personnel, materials, supplies, and transportation, including assistance with evaluating and diagnosing odor complaints and related odor issues and cost estimating, to establish objectives and monitoring programs to minimize odor and corrosion.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

Explanation of Other

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records
Copies of executed contracts to:
Evoqua Water Technologies - David Morano (david.morano@evoqua.com)
Premier Magnesia, LLC - David Pickard (dpickard@premiermagnesia.com)
Deputy Director Utilities Department - Jeff Goodwin (jeff.goodwin@mymanatee.org
Procurement Division - Abigail Jenkins (abigail.jenkins@mymanatee.org)

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
$2,985,740. Utility rates in various accounts in the Utility Dept, 401 -0010101 Southwest Water Reclamation Facility; 401-0010102 Southeast Water Reclamation Facility; 401-0010103 North Regional Water Reclamation Facility; 401001300 Lift Stations

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  18-TA002693AJ_Prof Agree_Premier Magn_05102018.pdf
Attachment:  Manatee County 18-TA002693AJ Contract 5-10-18 (003) Evoqua.pdf
Attachment:  Odor Corrosion Memo 2018.pdf