Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - May 10, 2016
REVISED May 10, 2016 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #26

Permanent Utilities Easement between SHI-II SLD Lakewood Ranch, LLC, and Manatee County for property located at 11705 Evening Walk Drive, Bradenton, Florida 34211; PID 583206059.


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Margaret Daniell, Interim Property Acquisition Division Manager, Property Management, Extension 3009.

Tim Cristello, Real Property Specialist, Property Acquisition Division, Property Management, Extension 6284.

Action Requested
  • Accept and Record Permanent Utilities Easement from SHI-II SLD Lakewood Ranch, LLC; and
  • Record Affidavit of Ownership and Encumbrances from Matt Phillips, as Authorized Signatory, of SHI-II SLD Lakewood Ranch, LLC; and
  • Record Joinder and Consent from Matt Miller as Senior Vice-President, of Texas Capital Bank, National Association.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
Florida Statutes Chapter 125.  Manatee County Comprehensive Plan- 9.5 addresses the potable water system, and Comprehensive Plan - Goal 9.1-9.2 addresses sanitary sewer systems.

Background Discussion
SHI-II SLD Lakewood Ranch, LLC, is required to dedicate a 422 square foot utility easement for access to inspect and maintain the potable water and sanitary sewer system.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

Explanation of Other

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records

Please email recorded documents to:
Tim Cristello at tim.cristello@mymanatee.org
Stephen Kussner at Stephen.Kussner@gray-robinson.com

CCC Charge Account:  AR700003

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
$72.50. Recording Fee. 001-0020505 Property Acquisition Core Fund

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  SHI-II SLD Lakewood Ranch LLC Permanent Utilities Easement.pdf
Attachment:  SHI-II SLD Lakewood Ranch LLC Affidavit of Ownership and Encumbrances.pdf
Attachment:  SHI-II SLD Lakewood Ranch LLC Joinder and Consent from Texas Capital Bank.pdf
Attachment:  SHI-II SLD Lakewood Ranch LLC Location Map.pdf