Manatee County Government Administrative Building 1st Floor - Patricia M. Glass Chambers March 7, 2019 - 9:00 am
REVISED March 7, 2019 Land Use Meeting
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9:00 am Time Certain LDCT-17-05/Ordinance 19-03 fka 18-03 - Land Development Code Text Amendment (County Initiated)/Process Improvements - Legislative - Lisa Barrett, Planning Manager


Contact and/or Presenter Information


   Lisa Barrett, Planning Manager, 941-748-4501 ext. 6884

   Pat Tyjeski, Principal Project Manager, SM&E (Consultant)


   Bobbi Roy, Senior Planning and Zoning Technician

   941-748-4501 ext. 6878

Action Requested

No action necessary; this is the first of two required public hearings. The second public hearing is scheduled for March 21, 2019 at 1:30 pm or as soon thereafter as same may be heard.

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Manatee County Comprehensive Plan

Manatee County Land Development Code

Background Discussion

• This is a Special Planning Commission the first of two required Board of County Commissioners Public Hearings to consider amendments to certain provisions of the Manatee County Land Development Code (Ordinance 15-17, as amended) and make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners as to the consistency of the proposed Ordinance with the Comprehensive Plan and as to whether the proposed Ordinance should be adopted, adopted with modifications, or denied.  The amendments include changes to LDC:
o Chapter 1, General Provisions
o Chapter 2, Definitions
o Chapter 3, Review Authority and Procedures
o Chapter 4, Zoning
o Chapter 5, Accessory and Specific Uses and Structures
o Chapter 6, Signs (revision to 605.4 Changeable copy only)
o Chapter 7, Environmental and Cultural Resource Protection (minor modifications for clarification and to remove the term Special Approval).  Any future amendments will be subject to a separate ordinance and further public hearings.
o Chapter 8, Engineering Design and Utilities
o Chapter 9, Design Guidelines
o Chapter 10, Transportation Management is NOT proposed to be amended, any future amendments will be subject to a separate ordinance and further public hearings.

• The subject matter land development regulation amendments (aka: Process Improvements) were initiated at a Board Work Session in December of 2016; after which a series of public work sessions and public hearings were held. 

• Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan (PA-17-08/Ord.18-04) were approved and became effective in October 2018. 

• The Land Development Code Amendment public hearings (LDCT-17-07/Ord. 19-03) followed:
• September 13th, 2018, the Planning Commission approved the amendments.
• December 6th, 2018 the Board of County Commission held its first reading.  The Board and public raised questions for staff to address.
• January 10th, 2019 the Board voted to refer the amendments back to the Planning Commission and then back to the Board to hold two adoption hearings.
• February 5th, 2019, staff held a Special Land Use Public Hearing with the Board to receive public comment and to consider the amendments.

• The February 5th, 2019 Special Land Use Public Hearing was held to address the Board’s comments and concerns raised at the December 6th, 2018 hearing as well as address any public comment received to date and to further obtain input or comment on the proposed amendments.
• Staff discussed and highlighted some of the proposed amendments by subject (i.e., affordable housing, new zoning districts, etc.) at the Special Land Use Hearing.  The Board of County Commission made some modifications to the draft language and motioned to move the Chapters back to the Planning Commission for consideration.

• Also, since the December 6th, 2018 hearing, in addition to addressing comments received, staff is revising the amendments to limit changes to Chapter 7, Environmental and Cultural Resource Protection and postpone any Amendments to Chapter 10, Transportation Management.  Any future changes to Chapter 7 and 10 will be subject to separate ordinances and further public hearings.

• The Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for February 28, 2019; updates from that hearing  will on the update for the March 7, 2019 Board of County Commissioners Land Use Meeting.

  • On February 28, 2019, by a vote of  7 - 0, the Planning Commission recommended approval. A summary of the public comment from the February 28, 2019 Planning Commission is in the update memo attached to this agenda.

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Attachment:  Staff Report - LDC Text Amd Process Improvement LDCT-17-05 Ord. 18-03- 3-7-19 BOCC.pdf
Attachment:  Ch1_GenProv_v18.pdf
Attachment:  Ch2_Definitions_v32.pdf
Attachment:  Ch3_RevAuthProcedures_v39.pdf
Attachment:  Ch4_Zoning_v40.pdf
Attachment:  Ch5_AccesSpecUses_v33.pdf
Attachment:  Ch6_Signs_v8.pdf
Attachment:  Ch7_EnvCultResProt_v18.pdf
Attachment:  Ch8_EngrDesUtilities_v16.pdf
Attachment:  Ch9_DesGuide_v27.pdf
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Attachment:  Memo's in response to public comments.pdf
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Attachment:  Ch2_Definitions_v33_post 14-05_v2.pdf
Attachment:  Ch3_RevAuthProcedures_v40_POST PC.pdf
Attachment:  Ch4_Zoning_v41_post 19-05.pdf
Attachment:  Ch5_AccesSpecUses_v35_POST PC.pdf