Manatee County Government Administrative Building 1st Floor Chambers 9:00 am - March 1, 2018
REVISED March 1, 2018 Land Use Meeting
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LDA-17-01 - Local Development Agreement for Northeast Sector - DTS20170556 - Quasi-Judicial - Clarke Davis, Public Works

Briefing Provided Upon Request

Contact and/or Presenter Information
      Clarke Davis, Public Works x7272

Action Requested
This is the first of two required public hearings.   No action is required at this first hearing.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
Manatee County Comprehensive Plan
Manatee County Land Development Code
Section 163.3180(5), Florida Statutes
Sections 163.3220-163.3243, Florida Statutes

Background Discussion

The Northeast Sector is approximately 4,016 acres located in the area roughly bounded by Lorraine Road, future Bourneside Blvd., SR 70, and SR 64.  The future, planned development for the area is 15 discrete projects that will include a total of 6,355 single-family detached units, 810 single-family attached units, 659 senior adult housing detached units, 700 apartment units, and 627,265 square feet of commercial uses.

All necessary zoning and site plans are not yet approved for these developments.  However, the applicant prospectively prepared a traffic study for the cumulative impacts of the projects and identified necessary transportation mitigation.

The purpose of the proposed Local Development Agreement is to establish the terms under which the 15 component projects shall provide proportionate fair-share mitigation to satisfy the transportation concurrency requirement.  It also establishes the terms under which County shall issue certificates of level of service compliance (CLOS) for the component projects, provide CLOS extensions, and provide impact fee credits.

The proportionate fair-share amount was calculated based on Northeast Sector development-required mitigation on major road segments.  The combined planning-level estimate of the proportionate fair-share amounts is $46,875,968.00.   The agreement identifies a group of road segments and rights-of-way as mitigation improvements that have a total planning-level cost estimate of $55,176,723.00.

The applicant proposes major road (thoroughfare) improvements to include:

-  44th Ave. E from Lorraine Rd. to Bourneside Blvd. as a four-lane divided roadway,

-  Uihlein Rd. from its northern terminus to SR 64 as a four-lane divided roadway,

-  Bourneside Blvd. from its northern terminus to SR 64 as a two-lane roadway, and

-  Rangeland Pkwy. from Lorraine Rd. to Bourneside Blvd. as a four-lane divided roadway.

In addition, the applicant is extending Post Rd. from 59th Ave. E to Rangeland Pkwy. 

Typically, the first two lanes of the thoroughfare roadways are considered site-related improvements needed to access the property once developed.  This portion is not credit-eligible.

The additional two lanes and associated rights-of-way are impact fee credit-eligible capacity improvements to the extent they are consistent with the adopted comprehensive plan.  The additional lanes on 44th Ave. E and Uihlein Rd., and the additional right-of-way for 44th Ave. E, Uihlein Rd., and Bourneside Blvd. are considered the concurrency mitigation improvements (the approximate $55 million noted above).

The additional two lanes on Rangeland Pkwy. and the Post Rd. improvements are not currently included in the adopted thoroughfare plan.  The agreement contemplates a scenario where the County may amend the thoroughfare plan in the future, and if the roads are added, the improvements may become credit-eligible.

This is the first of two required public hearings. The second hearing is scheduled for March 6, 2018.

County Attorney Review
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William Clague reviewed under Request for Legal Services #RLS-2017-0586.

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Instructions to Board Records

The applicant’s counsel, Caleb Grimes, will contact Board Records regarding the recording of the Local Development Agreement. Please provide copies of the recorded document to bobbi.roy@mymanatee.org and clarke.davis@mymanatee.org.

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

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