Manatee County Government Administrative Center
Commission Chambers, First Floor
9:00 a.m. - June 3, 2014

REVISED June 3, 2014 - Regular Meeting



MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (Larry Bustle, Chairman)
INVOCATION (The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.)
1. Invocation led by Rev. Vincent Carroll, Longboat Island Chapel

Items Scheduled for Time Certain

2. 11:15 A.M. - ITEM #43 - Red Light Camera Report
3. 1:30 P.M. - ITEM #42 - Budget Message
Changes to Agenda

46. Updates to Agenda
Attachment: 20140603 Update Memo.pdf


4. Employee of the Month - Lloyd Capo
Attachment: capo.pdf
Attachment: Capo_Nomination09262013122440.pdf

Proclamations (Motion required to adopt proclamations)

45. Sam Woolf Day - June 3, 2014
Attachment: Sam Woolf Day Proclamation - 060314.pdf

5. Florida State All-Star Game Day - June 14, 2014
Attachment: FL State All Star Game Day Proclamation - 060314.pdf

6. National Beach Safety and Rip Current Awareness Week - June 1-7, 2014
Attachment: Beach Safety Week Proclamation - 060314.pdf

REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda)
CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)
Clerk of Circuit Court

7. Clerk's Consent Agenda
Attachment: 06032014 Clerk's Consent Agenda.pdf


8. Dashboard Report for April 2014
Attachment: April 2014 dashboards.pdf
Attachment: PSCC RPT APRIL 14.pdf


9. Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release between Balfour Beatty Construction, LLC and Manatee County concerning the EOC Roof. * Minix
Attachment: Agreement 20140527141342850.pdf

10. U.S. 301 at Fort Hamer Road, Parcel 101, Lakeside Preserve Homeowners’ Association, Inc. - Approval of Settlement * Adibe
Attachment: AerialMap_P101_LakesidePreserveHOA.pdf
Attachment: StipFJ_101_LakesidePreserveHOA.pdf

Community Services

11. Agreement for the Alzheimer's Disease Initiative (ADI) Grant Funds 14/15
Attachment: B-14-064 FY14-15 ADI.pdf
Attachment: RES.ADI.pdf
Attachment: adi1415.pdf

12. Agreement for the Community Care for the Elderly (CCE) Grant Funds 14/15
Attachment: B-14-062 FY14-15 CCE.pdf
Attachment: RES.CCE.pdf
Attachment: cce1415DOC.pdf

13. Agreement for the Home Care for the Elderly (HCE) Grant Funds 14/15
Attachment: B-14-063 FY14-15 HCE.pdf
Attachment: RES.HCE.pdf
Attachment: hce1415DOC.pdf

14. Coast2Coast Rx Card County Marketing Agreement * Eschenfelder
Attachment: Coast2Coast Marketing Agreement.pdf

Convention and Visitors Bureau

15. Agreement with Bradenton Downtown Development Authority * Clague
Attachment: Regatta Agreement.pdf
Attachment: B-14-066 Riverfest Regatta.pdf

Financial Management

16. Budget Amendment Resolutions
Attachment: B-14-059_Resolution_Narrative.pdf

17. Creekside Ranch Apartments - Application for Road Impact Fee Credit, CA-13-03(T)
Attachment: Credit Auth CA-13-03(T).pdf
Attachment: Final Auth of Credit #CA-13-03(T).pdf
Attachment: PDMU-06-30(G)(R2).pdf
Attachment: FSP Approval.pdf
Attachment: Confirmation of Credit Transp Plan Div.pdf
Attachment: R & W Appraisal Review.pdf

18. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement - Florida State Contract 252-001-09-01
Attachment: Recommendation Memo to Purchasing.pdf
Attachment: Manatee County Government Contract Package.pdf

19. Supervisor of Elections HAVA Grant Award
Attachment: B-14-061 SOE HAVA Grant.pdf
Attachment: HAVA Grant Agreement.pdf

Human Resources

20. Reaffirmation of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy Statement * Eschenfelder
Attachment: R-14-71 EEOAAreaffirm14RES.pdf
Attachment: R-14-71 Memo.pdf
Attachment: R-14-71 EEO Policy Statement.pdf
Attachment: R-14-71 EEO Plan Full Document.pdf

Neighborhood Services

21. Economic Development Incentive Resolution (R-14-077) Project Epsilon
Attachment: Epsilon-R14077.pdf

22. Economic Development Incentive Resolution (R-14-076) Project Monaco
Attachment: Monaco-R14076.pdf

23. Economic Development Incentive Resolution (R-14-078) Project Sunbird
Attachment: Sunbird-R14078.pdf

24. EDI Grant Revision - Project CAMELLIA - Resolution R-14-080
Attachment: Camellia Revision-R14080.pdf

25. Gifts to Manatee County Library System
Attachment: B-14-065 Library Donations.pdf

Parks and Natural Resources

26. Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program Funding Agreement For Federal Fiscal Year 2014
Attachment: CHNEP Letter & FY 14 Agreement.pdf
Attachment: CHNEP FY 2014 Workplan.pdf

27. Barge Loading Dock Facility * Cooney
Attachment: Interlocal Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Agreement with City of Bradenton Beach.pdf

Property Management

28. Authorization to Declare 1240 30th Avenue West, Bradenton, Florida as Surplus Property and to Authorize Its Sale
Attachment: Resolution R-14-061.pdf

29. Creekside Ranch Apartments - Dedication of Right-of-Way to Manatee County
Attachment: Warranty Deed.pdf
Attachment: Affidavit of O&E.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release.pdf
Attachment: Aerial Map.pdf

Public Safety

30. Modification to Emergency Management Preparedness & Assistance (EMPA) Trust Fund Agreement, FY 13-14
Attachment: R-14-066 EMPA Modification.pdf
Attachment: B-14-060 EMPA Grant Add.pdf
Attachment: EMAP Invoice to State.pdf
Attachment: ManateeCoLetterMay2014.pdf
Attachment: Revised Manatee Mod 1 EMPA - EMAP.pdf

31. West Coast-Southern Medical, Inc., Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity * Eschenfelder
Attachment: 2014 Memo from West Coast waiver of app.pdf
Attachment: 2014 14-128 review and determination.pdf
Attachment: West Coast COPCN Certificate 2014.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-14-75.pdf
Attachment: West Coast Agmt 2014.pdf

32. EMS Billing Adjustments - April 2014
Attachment: April 2014 Att A.pdf

33. Write Off Uncollectible EMS Ambulance User Fees
Attachment: April 2014 ATT A.pdf
Attachment: April 2014 ATT B.pdf
Attachment: April 2014 ATT C.pdf

Public Works

34. Erie Road & 69th Street East * Adibe
Attachment: Erie Rd & 69thStE_Amendment_Stipulation of Parties_5-13-14_14-092_FINAL.pdf
Attachment: SchulhoferR_Relocation of Railroad Crossing Erie & 69th St. E._14-092_FINAL.pdf

35. Interlocal Agreement With FDOT (Traffic Management Center) * Eschenfelder
Attachment: Interlocal FDOT.pdf
Attachment: RLS 13-203 Response-FDOT Space in Traffic Mngt Ctr.pdf
Attachment: Interlocal Agreement 2005-366.pdf

36. Surplus Equipment
Attachment: Surplus List 6-3-14.pdf
Attachment: Surplus List Non Asset 6-3-14.pdf
Attachment: Reconciliation List 6-3-14.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-14-068.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-14-069.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-14-070.pdf

37. Surplus Vehicles
Attachment: Surplus Vehicles 6-3-14.pdf

38. Motion to Approve Consent Agenda

CIVIC CENTER AUTHORITY (Robin DiSabatino, Chairman)
PORT AUTHORITY (Carol Whitmore, Chairman)
D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)
E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled)
Neighborhood Services

39. Manatee County Ordinance 14-28 Southwest County Improvement District * Clague
Attachment: SW TIF District Map.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 14 28 Final.pdf
Attachment: Southwest Co Improvement District Legal Notice.pdf

40. Manatee County Ordinance 14-31 Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax Exemption * Clague
Attachment: Econ Dev Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Ordinance Legal Notice.pdf
Attachment: EDTE ORDINANCE NO 14 031.pdf
Attachment: EDTE Resolution R 14 084.pdf
Attachment: Resolution Exhibit A EDTA policy Guide.pdf
Attachment: Resolution Exhibit B Economic Development Application.pdf
Attachment: Resolution Exhibit C EDTE Property Appraiser Form.pdf
Attachment: Resolution Exhibit D EDTE Business Ordinance.pdf
Attachment: Resolution Exhibit E EDTE Performance Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Resolution Exhibit F EDTE Annual Report.pdf

Parks and Natural Resources

41. Parks & Natural Resources Fee Schedule
Attachment: Resolution R-14-050 - P&NRD Fee Schedules.pdf

Administrator (1:30 P.M. TIME CERTAIN)

42. Budget Message
Building and Development Services (11:15 A.M. TIME CERTAIN)

43. Red Light Camera Report
Attachment: MSS Red Light Cameras Memo.pdf

Parks and Natural Resources

44. John H. Marble Community Pool
Attachment: John H. Marble - Revitalization & Marketing Plan.pdf


The Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County, Florida, does not discriminate upon the basis of any individual's disability status. This non-discrimination policy involves every aspect of the Board's functions including one's access to, participation in, employment with, or treatment in, its programs or activities. Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation for this meeting as provided for in the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact Kaycee Ellis at 742-5800; TDD ONLY 742-5802, wait 60 seconds; FAX 745-3790.

The Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County, the Manatee County Port Authority, the Manatee County Civic Center Authority, and the Manatee County Community Redevelopment Agency may elect not to convene, if no business is scheduled; however, each reserves the right to take action on any matter during its meeting, including items not set forth within this agenda. The Chair of each governing body at his/her option may take business out of order if he/she determines that such a change in the schedule will expedite the business of the governing body.

PUBLIC NOTICE: According to Florida Statutes, Section 286.0105, any person desiring to appeal any decision made by the Board of County Commissioners (or the other entities that are meeting) with respect to any matter considered at said public hearing/meeting will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purposes may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.