Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - June 18, 2013
REVISED June 18, 2013 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #36

800 MHz Radio System - Resolution 13-101


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Paul Alexander, IT Director, extension 3737

Action Requested
Adoption of Resolution 13-101

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Background Discussion
  • In the past two joint BCC meetings between Sarasota and Manatee Counties both commissions have supported the concept of a joint P25 800mghz radio project to serve both Counties, save on implementation costs, and significantly improve inter-operational communications between them.  Both Commissions instructed respective staff groups to move ahead.
  • It is in the County’s best interests to jointly cooperate with Sarasota County on the engineering of this regional radio system, and the sharing of costs related thereto constitutes a valid public purpose.  The Sarasota BCC has approved funding for this purpose not to exceed $100,000.  A 50% cost share to Manatee County would represent an expenditure which will not exceed $50,000 and may be less, subject to bid selection process.
  • The Manatee County Administrator and designated staff is instructed to negotiate, with the assistance of the Manatee County Attorney’s Office, an interlocal agreement with Sarasota County, providing for the joint operation of a unified Manatee/Sarasota mobile radio system.  Such interlocal agreement should provide for the ownership of all associated facilities and assets of each of the County’s current systems, the financing of maintenance and replacement of such facilities and assets, the model of joint governance and management of the radio frequencies, associated licenses and facilities and assets, and such other items as would maximize the unification of the currently separate systems of the two Counties so as to maximize the cost savings and system efficiencies for the residents of both Counties.
  • The  County  Administrator  is  directed,  once  the  terms  of  a  recommended  interlocal agreement have been negotiated, to coordinate a joint meeting of the County Commissions of Manatee and Sarasota County, so the Commissions may jointly provide final policy direction concerning the elements of the interlocal agreement.   Once final edits are thereafter made, the interlocal agreement shall be presented to the Commission for consideration and adoption.
  • Sarasota County is currently retaining expert radio frequency and system design services so as to begin the process of designing the two-county system and Manatee County desires to share in the costs of this project, which will benefit both Counties in terms of validation of design and cost projections.
  • The County staff groups have worked together to create an RFP that melds current 800mghz radio resources from both Counties into a single homogeneous network and will be the basis for the Statement of Work for the aforementioned RFP.
  • After review and approval of both staff groups the RFP is ready to be, or has already been distributed to prospective bidders through a public procurement and competitive bidding process.  This process will be managed by Sarasota Purchasing Department; Manatee staff members will participate in the selection process and will work equally with the winning bidder.

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