Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - July 25, 2017
REVISED July 25, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #9

Pretrial and Probation Accreditation


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Cheri Coryea, Neighborhood Services Director, x3468

Jennifer Burgh, Probation Services Manager, x6809

Action Requested
Recognition of Manatee County Probation Division-Pretrial and Probation Reaccreditation. This Certificate was presented to the Division on June 20, 2017, by the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission

Background Discussion

An accreditation program has long been recognized as a means of maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. Accreditation is the certification by an independent reviewing authority that an entity has met specific requirements and prescribed standards. Schools, universities, and hospitals are some of the most well known organizations that are required to maintain accreditation. Agencies with Pretrial Release and Probation can achieve accredited status through the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission, Inc.

These Commissions meet three times per year to oversee the accreditation program and to officially accredit agencies that have passed the rigorous review process.

Manatee County is one of only three agencies in Florida to obtain the probation portion of the accreditation process.

  • Accreditation, in conjunction with the philosophy of community corrections, commits the agency to a broad range of programs (such as crime prevention) that directly benefit the public.
  • Accreditation creates a forum in which Pretrial and Probation and citizens work together to control and prevent crime.
  • Accreditation requires that agency policies and procedures are in written form and are available to all agency personnel at all times.
  • Accreditation assures employees that every aspect of the agency’s personnel system is in accord with professional standards, and that the system is both fair and equitable.
  • The agency is compelled to operate within specific guidelines. It is accountable to the Commission. The agency must stay in compliance with the standards set forth by the Commission in order to retain its accreditation.
  • The morale of the agency is enhanced by increasing the employees’ confidence in the effectiveness and efficiency of their own agency. Operations become more streamlined and consistent.
  • Accreditation is a coveted award that symbolizes professionalism, excellence, and competence. Employees will take pride in their agency, knowing that it represents the very best in Pretrial and Probation.

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