Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - July 25, 2017
REVISED July 25, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #57

Lincoln Park Pool Update


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Charlie Hunsicker, Parks and Natural Resources Director, ext. 6001

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No action required at the current time

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Background Discussion
  • On February 27, 2017, the City of Palmetto took a staff report from the Parks and Natural Resources (PNR) Department requesting City consideration of a partnership and financial contribution towards the construction of the County pool.  The Manatee County proposal included the construction of a community pool of 25 yards with sufficient swim lanes to provide a competitive environment for high school and collegiate meets; a stand-alone therapy pool with zero entry providing for learn to swim activities and drown proofing; accessory facilities such as locker rooms, shade structures for aquatic exercise and other program activities; expansion of the existing splash park, and shade structures over the splash park area.  It was understood that Manatee County Government would construct, operate, and maintain these aquatic facilities at the Lincoln Park location but would require relocation of the existing basketball courts from Lincoln Park to Sylvan Oaks Parks to accommodate the new pool construction.  After considerable discussion, the City of Palmetto approved participation in the construction of the County pool with the following motion "Motion to accept the conceptual concept of the pool at Lincoln Park and the staff will continue to negotiate the partnership viability of the City of Palmetto subject to the final formal vote of this commission. Motion carries."
  • On March 7, 2017, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) received a PNR staff report about the Palmetto City Council meeting where the motion to conceptually approve a community pool at Lincoln park was made.  The BCC discussed preceding with a community pool on the basis of the partnership and agreed to locate the pool at the City of Palmetto Lincoln Park.  The BCC made the following motion "Direct staff to work with City of Palmetto to develop, design, construction and funding of a community aquatic facility and bring back April 25th.  Motion made by Commissioner Baugh and seconded by Commissioner Smith.  Motion passes 6-1.  Commissioner Jonsson voted nay."
  • On April 24, 2017, the Palmetto City Council met for a Special CRA Board Meeting and discussed the Palmetto pool.  Representatives from Manatee County Government were not in attendance.  During the meeting a motion was made to provide support to Manatee County for a pool at Lincoln Park with the following motion, “Mr. Smith amended the first motion on the floor.  Mr. Smith moved to have the Palmetto CRA contribute $850,000 over 15 years to combine with Manatee County to develop an Olympic size competition pool at Lincoln Park with accessories thereafter and to transfer approximately 4 acres to the County from the City property (where the proposed pool is to be built) and to include diving. Mr. Davis agreed with the amended motion.  The motion on the floor carried 4-0.  Mr. Williams was absent for the vote.” April 24, 2017, Special CRA Board Meeting minutes attached (see Attachment 1).
  • On May 9, 2017, the County Administrator presented the Palmetto pool status report to the Board based upon the information gathered from the City of Palmetto presentation with the attached recommended financing plan.  The Board voted to conceptually accept the $850k from the City of Palmetto with the following motion "Motion made by Commissioner Smith to move the body to accept the recommendation that  the Palmetto City Commission recommended to the County Commission of $850,000 and $440,000 in land value for a total of $1,290,000 to be accepted by this Board and pending amending the County budgetary process conceptually accept the City of Palmetto proposal and instruct our staff to work with Palmetto to connect with our funding."  At the meeting, the County Administrator presented a financing plan for the estimated cost and funding considerations for a pool at Lincoln Park (meeting minutes attached (Attachment 2).
  • On July 17, 2017, PNR staff presented an update to the Palmetto City Council on the pool concept proposal with a summary handout (see Attachment 3).  It was stated that the County proposal was offered with a $3M total budget for the provision of aquatic facilities as derived from the Board's motion of May 9, 2017, and the financing plan.  During the presentation the Mayor reiterated the Palmetto City Commission support for an Olympic pool with diving facilities by reading into the record the motion made during the Special CRA Board Meeting of April 24, 2017.  Considerable Council discussion continued from that point concluding with a PNR staff recommendation that a 25-yard competitive pool meeting all high school and collegiate competitive requirements along with an attached diving well would meet the intent of the Palmetto motion.  There appeared to be Council consensus that a 25-yard pool with dive well facilities would meet the intent of the original motion of April 24, 2017.  However, it was reiterated by PNR staff that the $3M budget would not be sufficient to meet those requirements for a community pool as proposed by the County if the additional cost for a dive well is included.

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