Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - February 26, 2013
REVISED February 26, 2013, Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #28

Wingate Creek Mine Operating Permit Resolution R-13-002


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Robert C. Brown, 941-742-5980 ext. 1870

Action Requested
Approval of a Resolution R-13-002 authorizing an Operating Permit for the Wingate Creek Mine.

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Chapter 125.01, F.S. Powers and Duties of County Commissions

Ordinance 04-39, The Manatee County Phosphate Mining Code

Manatee County Comprehensive Plan (Ordinance 89-01, as amended)

Development Order Ordinance No. 13-01

Master Mining Plan Resolution R-13-001

Background Discussion

The request is for approval of a Resolution granting Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC an Operating Permit (OP) for the Wingate Creek Mine (approximately 3,028 acres) to:

  • The current OP is scheduled to expire on June 24, 2013;
  • The amended DO and amended MMP for the Wingate Creek Mine Amendment were approved February 19, 2013;
  • On November 6, 2012 Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC filed an Application for an OP for the Wingate Creek Mine with the Manatee County BCC, pursuant to the provisions of Ord. 04-39, with subsequent Additional Information submittals;
  • The Application of the OP was deemed complete on February 4, 2013;
  • The Wingate Creek Mine will meet the standards of Ord. 04-39 except when specifically stated in R-13-001 to meet the standards of Ord. 81-22;
  • Notice of the Op public hearing was published on February 17, 2013, in a newspaper of local circulation; and
  • Financial Responsibility calculations have been provided according to requirements of Ord. 04-39.  Resolution R-13-002 provides for a new general surety bond and reclamation bond rider to be posted within 60 days of its approval.

County Attorney Review
Other (Requires explanation in field below)

Explanation of Other

William Clague, CAO, has review the entire Wingate Creek Mine project and has no specific comments on Resolution R-13-002.

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

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