Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - December 2, 2014
REVISED December 2, 2014 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #25

Magnolia Point Waterline (f.k.a Woodbrook II Waterline) Utility Participation Agreement


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Sia Mollanazar, P.E., Deputy Director- Engineering Services, Public Works Department, ext. 7487

Action Requested

Authorization for the Chairman to execute the Amended Utility Participation Agreement for Whitfield and Tuttle water line construction with Neal Communities of Southwest Florida, LLC.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
Policy of the Manatee County Comprehensive Plan authorizes the County to pay for the cost of additional materials necessary for oversizing any component of the potable water distribution system where a development is required to increase system capacity greater than that required by a proposed project.

Background Discussion

The Developer, Neal Communities of Southwest Florida, LLC, purchased the property located in Section 20, 21, 28, and 29, Township 35 South, Range 18 East.

The Developer received approval from the Board of County Commissioners for the construction of a residential community, Magnolia Point, f.k.a Woodbrook II, at the site.

On July 17, 2014 , the Developer and Manatee County executed a Utility Participation Agreement for construction of the County's potable water distribution system abutting the northern portion of the Developer's property.

The Utilities Department has identified a desire to extend the potable water distribution along Tuttle Avenue to the south.

The County's request for the utility improvements, in conjunction with the construction of the Woodbrook II development, are for the Developer to install approximately 1,700 feet of 16-inch potable waterline, including the associated fittings and appurtenances, on Whitfield Avenue, and to install 788 feet of 8-inch potable water line, including fittings and appurtenances, on Tuttle Avenue to the south.

The Woodbrook II development project is upsizing from an 8" water main to a 16" water main at the request of the County, as we have an active CIP Project for installing the 16" water line for that area, and installing an 8" potable water line at the request of the County to make a loop in the existing system.

Thus, as called for in the Manatee County Comprehensive Plan, the County is required to pay the cost of the additional materials for oversizing of components of the potable water distribution system as the Developer is being required to increase system capacity greater than required for the Woodbrook II Project.

A Utility Participation Agreement is attached reflecting the agreed to participation by the County in a portion of the actual costs of the utility improvements.  The Developer has submitted the contractual bids and the County has reviewed the bids and finds the County's required participation for the upgrade to the system to be accurate in the amount of $93,459.00 for Whitfield Avenue and a sum of $33,552.00 for the Tuttle Avenue portion.

County Attorney Review
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Explanation of Other
Formal Written opinion is pending from CAO.

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records
Please return the executed, original Participation Agreement to the Public Works Department, attention Sia Mollanazar.  Please call Sia Mollanazar at 941-708-7487 and he will arrange pick up of the signed original document.

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
$127,011.00 total reimbursement to Neal Communities

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  First Amendment To Utility Participation Agreement (112614).pdf