Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - December 15, 2015
REVISED December 15, 2015 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #38

Ordinance 15-37 relating to Private Medical Transportation Services and Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and associated fee schedule


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Robert L. Smith, Director, Public Safety
Ext. 3511

Action Requested
Motion to adopt Ordinance 15-37 and Resolution 15-193.

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Florida Statutes, Chapter 125

Background Discussion

Ordinance 15-37 authorizing the Board of County Commissioners to issue a certificate of public convenience and necessity (COPCN) to up to 2 private ambulance providers authorizing them, with limited exceptions, to perform inter-facility transfers within the territorial limits or airspace of Manatee County; establishing standards of performance, care, and provision of transport services by private ambulance providers; establishing a formal application and annual inspection process for certificate holders; repealing Article II of Chapter 2-30 of the Manatee County Code concerning same, and creating new Article IV of Chapter 2-13 of the Manatee County Code concerning same.

Florida Law authorizes Manatee County to furnish ambulance services to the citizens of the County either directly and/or through the use of private firms and the establishment of fees for those services and provides for the ability of the County to adopt reasonable restrictions and safeguards on those services as deemed necessary by the County Commission for the protection of the public interest.

Florida Statute requires that every firm or governmental entity providing pre-hospital or inter-facility advanced live support services or basic life support transportation services must be licensed by the State of Florida as a basic life support (BLS) service or an advanced life support (ALS) service before offering service to the public.

It also provides that an applicant for state licensure must, among other things, first obtain a certificate of public convenience and necessity (COPCN) from the governing bodies of each county in which the applicant will operate.

Florida Statutes provides that the governing body of a county may adopt ordinances that provide reasonable standards for COPCNs for BLS or ALS services and air ambulance services.

During previous discussions with the Board, the Commission concurred that only the governmental emergency medical services of Manatee County and Longboat Key be authorized to perform as the first responders within the County. The Commission also concurred with staff that private ambulance providers be limited to performing inter-facility transfers within the County with rare exceptions as delineated in the ordinance.  

The Manatee County Commission adopted County Ordinance 91-73, which was subsequently codified as Article II of Chapter 2-30 of the Manatee County Code concerning Emergency Medical Transportation and this process has remained unchanged since that time, despite the changes in both the County and the healthcare industry. The current provider is West Coast - Southern Medical Service, Inc.

The updated Ordinance 15-37 will replace 91-73 along with Resolution 15-193 which provides for the associated fee schedule.

County Attorney Review
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The ordinance and resolution were reviewed and revised by Robert Eschenfelder pursuant to RLS 15-009.

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Instructions to Board Records
Forward a signed copy of ordinance and resolution to Public Safety, attention Sheri Fintel.

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