Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - August 27, 2013
REVISED August 27, 2013 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #17

IFB #13-1195CD, Manatee County Historic Courthouse 2nd Floor Remodel and Outside Air Project


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Contact: Chris Daley, Purchasing Division, Ext. 3048.

Presenter:  Tom Yarger, Construction Services Division Manager, Ext 3003.

Action Requested

Authorization to award IFB #13-1195CD, Manatee County Historic Courthouse 2nd Floor Remodel and Outside Air Project, to the lowest, responsive, and responsible bidder, Power Contracting, LLC of Palmetto, FL for a total bid of $2,388,766.00 (Bid "A", 260 calendar days); and authorize the County Administrator, or designee, to execute the Agreement and accept and date the Performance and Payment Bonds.

Adoption of Resolution R-13-139 providing an interfund loan to finance the project; and adoption of Budget Resolution B-13-070 appropriating the proceeds from the interfund loan.

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Manatee County Code of Laws.

Background Discussion

The Work consists of remodeling the second floor of the Manatee County Historic Courthouse to convert the old courtrooms into office space for use by the Clerk of the Circuit Court's staff. The remodeling services include, but are not limited to: asbestos abatement, structural repairs, selective demolition, framing and drywall, new flooring, new ceiling tiles, fire protection systems, plumbing, electrical systems and switchgear, and new HVAC systems with fresh air intake to meet building codes. There is no work being performed in the Historic Courtroom portion of the building with the exception of the installation of a new fire sprinkler system required by the Fire Marshall to allow for storage of the court pews in this room. Formal, competitive sealed bid procedures were followed resulting in a total of four (4) bidders submitting a sealed bid for consideration.

Manatee County                              Bid A (260 days)        

Power Contracting, LLC                  $2,388,766.00                     

Zirkelbach Construction, Inc.           $2,446,626.00   


Sarasota County

Jon F. Swift, Inc.                             $2,932,954.00            


Hillsborough County

Air Mechanical & Service Corp.      $3,114,505.55



On August 13, 2013, a memorandum was received from Property Management Department recommending award to Power Contracting, LLC of Palmetto, FL 34221 for a total bid of $2,388,766.00 with a 260 calendar day completion time (Bid "A").


In addition to the funding source indicated below, a Budget Amendment (B-13-070) appropriating $2,500,000.00 to the project will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners on August 27, 2013. This appropriation represents a transfer from the General Funds Reserves to the Building Capital Improvement Project (310) to reflect an interfund loan per Resolution R-13-139 that is also being presented to the Board of County Commissioners on August 27, 2013.


The interfund loan will eventually be replaced with financing from an outside source, and the financing will be paid off over a period of approximately ten years using rent payments from the State of Florida. The State will be paying rent because the renovated space will be occupied by state funded employees who work for the Clerk pursuant to an agreement to provide Child Support Enforcement.  It is estimated that the annual rent paid by the State will be $275,000; this revenue should be sufficient to amortize a bank loan or bond over a period of 15 years.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

Explanation of Other

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records

Original to Board Records

Copy to:

Power Contracting, LLC, 1335 10th Street East, Ste. E, Palmetto, FL 34221 (mscherette@powercontractingllc.com).

Kathi Gentile(kathi.gentile@mymanatee.org) and Angela Honts (angela.honts@mymanatee.org), Property Management Department; Chris Daley (chris.daley@mymanatee.org), Purchasing Division

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
The funding source for this Agreement is General Funds Reserves -3106006210-534000/6006210-0004- BLDG: CrtHseRemodel 2nd Flr 2011

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  13-1195CD Departmental Recommendation.pdf
Attachment:  13-1195CD Tabulation.pdf
Attachment:  R-13-139 2nd Floor Historic Courthouse Renovation#2 - borrow from GF.pdf
Attachment:  B-13-070.pdf
Attachment:  Power Contracting Contract w P&P bond.pdf