Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - April 4, 2017
REVISED April 4, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #56

Infrastructure Sales Tax Citizens Oversight Committee Appointments

Briefing Provided Upon Request

Contact and/or Presenter Information

Presenter:  Jan Brewer, Financial Management Director, 941-745-3730, ext. 3726

Contact:  Debbie Underwood, Division Manager, 941-745-3730, ext. 3748

Action Requested
Appointment of seven members to the Infrastructure Sales Tax Citizens Oversight Committee.  Four initial members shall have initial terms of three years, and three initial members shall have initial terms of two years.  Thereafter, all members shall serve for terms of two years.

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Ordinance 16-35, Section 7 (Sales Tax Ordinance)

Florida Statute 212.055(2) (Discretionary Sales Surtax)

Manatee County Resolution R-16-128

Background Discussion
  •  Section 3 of Resolution R-16-128 is for the Establishment of the Citizens Oversight Committee.  The Committee shall have only the following powers and duties:
    • The Committee shall act solely in an oversight capacity to prepare an annual report to the Board of County Commissioners to consider the following:
      • Whether actual or planned expenditures are consistent with the subcategories and percentages provided in the Infrastructure Sales Tax Funding Categories List.
      • Whether any changes to the Infrastructure Sales Tax Funding Categories List were approved by the Board in accordance with Resolution R-16-128.
      • Whether project and equipment expenditures, or debt service costs for same, utilizing Infrastructure Sales Tax revenues for the previous year were identified on the Infrastructure Sales Tax Project and Equipment List.
      • Whether any changes to the Infrastructure Sales Tax Project and Equipment List were made in accordance with Resolution R-16-128.
    • The Committee, its members and all its proceedings shall be governed by and comply with all applicable laws, including without limitation (1) Florida Government in the Sunshine Law, Chapter 286, Florida Statutes, (2) the Florida Public Records Law, Chapter 199, Florida Statutes, and (3) the Florida Public Ethics Code, Chapter 112, Florida Statutes.
  • Section 4 of Resolution R-16-128, Composition, Term and Procedures sets forth the following for composition term and procedures:
    • The Committee shall be composed of seven members appointed by majority vote of the Board, and shall be removable for cause by the Board.  Committee members shall be individuals residing in the unincorporated areas of Manatee County.
    • Four of the initial members shall have initial terms of three years and three initial members shall have initial terms of two years.  Thereafter, all members shall serve for terms of two years. 
    • The Committee shall, by majority vote, select a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson from among its members.  The Committee shall determine the time and places for the meetings, and shall meet not less than once per calendar year.  The County's Financial Management Department shall provide staff support to the Committee.
    • The Committee shall sunset on December 31, 2032.
  • The following people have submitted applications for Citizens Oversight Committee appointment, and meet the qualifications as stated in Resolution R-16-128, Section 4 (A):      
    • Gary M. Berblinger, Sr
    • Matthew J Bower
    • Melissa K. Brady
    • Gregory C. Coker
    • Timothy R Collins
    • Richard T. Conard
    • Craig A. Copeman
    • Donald L. Courtney
    • Taura Denis
    • David Armando Fernandez
    • Dennis Fierle
    • Cori Fournier
    • Gretchen Fowler
    • John A. Freeman
    • Thomas M. Frew Jr.
    • Glen Gibellina
    • Sharon Heath
    • Garin C. Hoover
    • Lisa Marie Hymel
    • Norma Kennedy
    • Melton H. Little
    • Norm Luppino
    • Cornelle J. Maxfield
    • R. Michael Meehan
    • Barbarann Montone-Roberts
    • William M. Moran, Jr.
    • Brent Alan Morris
    • Justin Norwood
    • Florence Shelton-Clark
    • Charles L. Slater
    • Susan L. Smith
    • Charles Tokarz
    • Christian Van Hise
    • Richard A. Whetstone
    • Christopher F. White
    • Cathy Wooley
    • David Zaccagnino
  • Two applications were received by citizens who do not reside in unincorporated areas of Manatee County:
    • Richard T. Conard
    • David Zaccagnino
  • A copy of all applications and a matrix of applications are attached.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

Explanation of Other

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  Ordinance 16-035.pdf
Attachment:  R16-128.pdf
Attachment:  COC Bower Matthew 12 19 16.pdf
Attachment:  COC Collins Timothy 01 06 17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Fierle Dennis 12 19 16.pdf
Attachment:  COC Gibellina Glen 12 19 16.pdf
Attachment:  COC Hoover Garin 01 06 17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Hymel Lisa 01 15 17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Little Melton 01 05 17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Luppino Norm 12 29 16.pdf
Attachment:  COC Meehan R Michael 01 05 17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Moran William 01 01 17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Norwood Justin 01 04 17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Roberts Barbarann 01 05 17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Slater Charles 12 20 16.pdf
Attachment:  COC White Christopher 12 10 16.pdf
Attachment:  COC Woolley Cathy 01 04 17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Conard Richard 01 04 17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Zaccagnino David 12 21 16.pdf
Attachment:  COC Berblinger Gary 01.27.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Brady Melissa 02.14.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Coker Gregory 01.30.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Copeman Craig 02.10.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Courtney Donald 02.06.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Denis Taura 02.03.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Fernandez David 2.21.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Fournier Cori 02.04.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Fowler Gretchen 02.02.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Freeman, John 2.27.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Frew Thomas 01.30.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Heath Sharon 01.30.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Kennedy, Norma 2.27.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Maxfield Cornelle 02.21.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Morris Brent 02.27.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Shelton-Clark Florence 02.28.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Smith Susan 01.27.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Tokarz Charlie 01 16 17.pdf
Attachment:  COC VanHise Christian 02.28.17.pdf
Attachment:  COC Whetstone Richard 01.26.17.pdf
Attachment:  Infrastructure Sales Tax Application Matrix.pdf