Manatee County Government Administrative Center First Floor, Commission Chambers 10:00 a.m. - April 22, 2014
REVISED April 22, 2014 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #18

IFB #14-0131CD - Rehabilitation of Headworks and Internal Recycle Pumps at the Southeast Water Reclamation Facility


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Contact: Chris Daley, Purchasing Division, Ext. 3048.

Presenter: Kent Bontrager-Engineer II,  Ext. 7331 and Jeff Streitmatter-Project Management Division Manager, Ext 7335.

Action Requested

Award IFB #14-0131CD, Rehabilitation of Headworks and Internal Recycle Pumps at the Southeast Water Reclamation Facility, to the lowest, responsive, and responsible bidder, Brandes Design-Build, Inc., Clearwater, FL, for a total of $3,943,108.40 with 365 calendar days for completion. 

Authorize the County Administrator, or designee, to execute the Agreement and accept and date the Performance and Payment Bonds.  Adopt Budget Amendment Resolution B-14-051.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
Manatee County Code of Laws

Background Discussion

The Work consists of rehabilitation of the Headworks and Internal Recycle Pumps at the Manatee County Southeast Water Reclamation Facility. The rehabilitation work for the Headworks includes removal and replacement of existing mechanical bar screen units, conveyors, grit removal system, and installation of a new channel liner.  The rehabilitation work for the Internal Recycle Pump includes the removal and replacement of existing pumps and motors, piping, valves, electrical and control equipment, and the cleaning and structural repair of the oxidation basins. Formal, competitive sealed bid procedures were followed resulting in a total of four (4) bidders submitting a sealed bid for consideration.

Pinellas County                  Bid A (365 days)      Bid  B (476 days)     

Brandes Design-Build, Inc.   $3,943,108.40        $3,943,108.40


Manatee County            

TLC Diversified, Inc.            $4,344,868.00       $4,344,868.00


Hillsborough County

RTD Construction, Inc.            No Bid               $4,183,927.00


Seminole County

Wharton-Smith, Inc.            $4,377,120.00        $4,377,120.00


On April 7, 2014 a memorandum was received from Public Works Department recommending award to Brandes Design-Build, Inc. of Clearwater, FL 34221 for a total bid amount of $3,943,108.40 with a 365 calendar day completion time.


Budget Amendment Resolution B-14-051 transfers $4,210,000.00 from reserves in the Water/Sewer Operating Fund to the Water/Sewer Capital Improvements Fund for the following projects: $2,360,000.00 to the Southeast Water Reclamation Facility Internal Recycle Pumps Project and $1,850,000.00 to the Southeast Water Reclamation Facility Headworks Rehabilitation Project for construction related costs. Both projects were included within the Capital Improvement Program FY14-18 which was adopted by Resolution R-13-164 that was passed on September 19, 2013.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

Explanation of Other

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records

Original to Board Records

Copy to:
Brandes Design-Build, Inc., 2151 NE Coachman Road, Clearwater, FL 33765 (kevin@brandesengineering.com).

Johnnie Yetter (johnnie.yetter@mymanatee.org), Public Works Department; Towanda Brinson(towanda.brinson@manateeclerk.com), Accounts Payable Finance Department; Cassidy Rickrode (cassidy.rickrode@mymanatee.org), Financial Management Department; Chris  Daley (chris.daley@mymanatee.org), Purchasing Division

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
The funding source for this Agreement is Utility Rates- 4046083580-534000/6083580-0004 and 4046083380-534000/6083380-0004- SEWRF:Internal Recycle Pumps and SEWRF Headworks Rehabilitation

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  14-0131CD Tabulation.pdf
Attachment:  14-0131CD Departmental Recommendation for Award.pdf
Attachment:  BA B-14-051.pdf
Attachment:  14-0131CD Brandes Design-Build Contract.pdf