Manatee County Government Administration Building
Honorable Patricia M. Glass Chambers, First Floor
9:00 a.m. - April 21, 2020

REVISED April 21, 2020 - Virtual Regular Meeting



This meeting will be conducted via Zoom Communications Media Technology as allowed under Executive Order 20-69 issued by the Office of Governor Ron DeSantis on March 20, 2020. The meeting can be viewed live on www.mymanatee.org/mga and on Manatee Government Access (MGA) Spectrum channel 644, Verizon channel 30, and Comcast channel 20.

Written comments can be submitted at www.mymanatee.org/comment by Monday, April 20, at 4 p.m. Be sure to include your name and submit your remarks by the meeting deadline. Commissioners may not receive your comments before the meeting if the form is submitted after the deadline.

Provisions have also been made for any member of the public desiring to offer comments in person to have access to the meeting in the Honorable Patricia M. Glass Chambers on the first floor of the County Administration Building at 1112 Manatee Avenue West in downtown Bradenton.

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (Betsy Benac, Chairperson)
INVOCATION (The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.)
1. Invocation led by Commissioner Reggie Bellamy

Changes to Agenda

37. Updates to Agenda
Attachment: 20200421 Update Memo.pdf

REQUESTS BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda)
CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consideration for Future Agenda Items - 30-Minute Time Limit)
Each person will be limited to three (3) minutes. If the thirty (30) minute time period has been exhausted, the Board will entertain any remaining comments near the end of the meeting with the same three (3) minute per person time limitation.

2. Citizen Comments

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)
Each person wishing to speak to Consent Agenda items will be limited to three (3) minutes per item; provided, however, that each person will be limited to speaking for a total of ten (10) minutes regardless of the number of items being discussed.

3. Citizen Comments

Clerk of Circuit Court

4. Approval of Clerk's Consent Agenda dated April 21, 2020
Attachment: 20200421 Clerk's Consent Agenda.pdf
Attachment: Warrants March 2020.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 10-31-2019 AM.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 10-31-2019 Afternoon.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 11-5-2019.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 11-5-2019 CSAB.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 2-25-2020.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 3-5-2020.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 3-10-2020.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 3-16-2020.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 3-24-2020.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 4-2-2020.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 4-3-2020.pdf
Attachment: Minutes 4-10-2020.pdf
Attachment: Refund - Ashton Woods.pdf
Attachment: Refund - Laura Berry.pdf
Attachment: Contract - Florida Power Solutions.pdf
Attachment: Contract - CBRE - Board Records.pdf
Attachment: Contract - Compass Real Estate.pdf
Attachment: Contract - Hettema Saba.pdf
Attachment: Contract - Kenneth C Evans.pdf
Attachment: Contract - Lee Pallardy.pdf
Attachment: Contract - Sparks.pdf
Attachment: Contract - The Urban Group.pdf
Attachment: Contract - Mcintyre Elwell.pdf
Attachment: Report - Harbourage at Braden River CDD.pdf
Attachment: Report - Palma Sola Trace CDD.pdf
Attachment: Report - Tara CDD.pdf
Attachment: Letter from Longboat Key dated 3-24-20 Statutory Meeting electing new officers.pdf
Attachment: Report - Water's Edge CDD.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release 1.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release 2.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release 3.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release 4.pdf
Attachment: Sheriff Bonds.pdf
Attachment: Bond - Aviary at Rutland Ranch.pdf
Attachment: Bond - Chevron-Manatee Ave.pdf
Attachment: Bond - Del Webb Phase 4A & 4B.pdf
Attachment: Bond - Hidden Creek at LWR.pdf
Attachment: Bond - Indigo Phase 1.pdf
Attachment: Bond - Townhomes at Regatta Landing.pdf


5. Acceptance of Actions Taken During the Period of March 16 through April 16, 2020, pursuant to Resolution R-09-161
Attachment: R-09-161 - Extended Periods between Meetings.pdf
Attachment: Recess Agenda - COVID-19 - Items 1 - 20.pdf
Attachment: Recess Agenda - COVID-19 - Items 21 - 44.pdf


6. Betty Hill v. Manatee County Case No.: 2019-CA-1290;Plaintiff’s Proposal for Settlement and Proposed Counteroffer * Palmer
Attachment: Ptff Ntc & Proposal for Settlmt. to MC.pdf

7. Deborah Burton v. Manatee County, Case No. 2018-CA-3232; recommended rejection of Proposal for Settlement * DeCarlo
Attachment: Proposal for Settlement - 3-27-20.pdf

8. Jeff Herba v. Manatee County; Workers’ Compensation Claim OJCC #19-020891 and #19-030147DBB; recommended settlement. * Palmer
Attachment: 2020 Herba.pdf

9. Linda Apperson v. Manatee County, Case No. 2018-CA-1237; Plaintiff's Settlement Proposal * DeCarlo
Attachment: Plaintiff’s March 4, 2020 Proposal for Settlement to Manatee County.pdf

10. Moccasin Wallow Road Improvement Project (U. S. 41 to Gateway Boulevard); Authorization to Commence and to Prosecute Eminent Domain Proceedings * D'Agostino
Attachment: Resolution R-20-054.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-20-055.pdf
Attachment: Moccasin Wallow Road Project Location Map.pdf

11. Patricia Hannah, et al. v. Armor Correctional Health Services, Inc., et al. U.S. Middle District Case No. 19-cv-596- JSM-SPF * DeCarlo
12. Proposed Eminent Domain Settlement; Manatee County v. Loving Hands Ministries, Inc., et. al., Case No. 2019 CA 4620; Parcel 10; Ellenton Gillette Road Functional Improvement Project (U.S. 301 to Moccasin Wallow Road) * D'Agostino
Attachment: Motion for Entry of Stipulated Final Judgment with Exhibit A.pdf
Attachment: Legal Description and Sketch of Taking.pdf
Attachment: Aerial Map.pdf

13. Proposed Eminent Domain Settlement; Manatee County v. Lee W. Lane, et. al., Case No. 2018 CA 3468; Parcel 140; 44th Avenue East Road Improvement Project (45th Street East to 44th Avenue Plaza East) * D'Agostino
Attachment: Motion for Entry of Stipulated Final Judgment with Exhibits.pdf
Attachment: Legal Description and Sketch.pdf
Attachment: Aerial Map.pdf
Attachment: Driveway Construction & Harmonization Easement_Redacted.pdf

14. Renewal of Manatee County's Flood Insurance Policies * Palmer
Attachment: MCBOCC 2020-21 Flood Renewal Summary.pdf

15. Ryan Boyer v. Sheriff Rick Wells; Case No. 2019-CA-2178; Plaintiff's Proposal for Settlement and Recommended Counteroffer * Palmer
Attachment: Pltff Ntc Serving and PFS to MC (3-13-20).pdf

Building and Development Services

16. Reduction of Code Enforcement Fines for Sam Evans, Case No. CE2005060636
Attachment: BOCC Attachments, CE2005060636, Sam Evans.pdf

Financial Management

17. Adoption of FY20 Budget Amendment Resolution B-20-057
Attachment: B-20-057dtd04.21.20.pdf

18. Adoption of Resolution R-20-042 to Approve, Ratify, and Confirm Interfund Loan from the General Fund to Court Technology Fund
Attachment: R-20-042 Interfund Loan - Court Technology Fund.pdf

19. Authorization to Award Invitation for Bid Construction (IFBC) No. 20-TA003171SAM for Southwest Water Reclamation Facility New Headworks and Chlorine Contact Chamber and Recharge Well Pump Station; Execution of Agreement; and Adoption of Budget Resolution
Attachment: Project Map.pdf
Attachment: 20-TA003171SAM Bid Tabulation.pdf
Attachment: B-20-051 03.24.20 SWWRF New Headworks and CCC.pdf
Attachment: 20-TA003171SAM Poole & Kent Agreement.pdf

20. Authorization to Award Invitation for Bid Construction (IFBC) No. 20-TA003249AJ for Satellite Lift Station R & R 2018 Group 3; Execution of Agreement; and Adoption of Budget Resolution
Attachment: B-20-050 Budget Resolution.pdf
Attachment: 20-TA003249AJ-AWARD_CEC MOTOR&UTILITY.pdf
Attachment: 20-TA003249AJ Bid Tabulation.pdf
Attachment: 20-TA003249AJ Project Maps.pdf
Attachment: 20TA003249AJ-Agreement Construction (ADA).pdf

21. Authorization to Award Invitation for Bid Construction (IFBC) No. 20-R072970CD - Robinson Preserve Expansion Phase IIB Restoration; and Execution of Agreement
Attachment: 20-R072970CD- Tabulation.pdf
Attachment: Project Location Map.pdf
Attachment: 20-R072970CD Agreement.pdf

22. Execution of Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. 16-3253FL for Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
Attachment: Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. 16-3253FL.pdf

Property Management

23. Acceptance and Recording of Warranty Deed from Lakewood Ranch Stewardship District and Permanent Flowage Easement from SMR Northwest Land, LLC, for the conveyance of White Eagle Phases 3 and 4 Right-of-Way
Attachment: Warranty Deed - White Eagle PH 3 and 4 .pdf
Attachment: Permanent Flowage Easement.pdf
Attachment: Location Map.pdf

24. Acceptance and Recording of Warranty Deed from Lakewood Ranch Stewardship District to Manatee County for Right-of-Way located on Uihlein Road from SR 70 to Lakewood National Parkway, Bradenton, Florida 34211 * Clague
Attachment: Warranty Deed Lakewood Ranch Stewardship District.pdf
Attachment: Location Map.pdf

25. Adoption of Resolution R-20-047 Declaring Parcel on 20th Street West, Bradenton, Florida as Surplus Property and Authorizing its Sale; PID 5291700002
Attachment: Resolution for Surplus Property_PID 5291700002.pdf
Attachment: Jurisdictional Review Comments_PID 5291700002.pdf
Attachment: Recommend to Declare Surplus Memo_PID 5291700002_signed.pdf
Attachment: Location Map_PID 5291700002.pdf

26. Adoption of Resolution R-20-051 Declaring Parcel on 26th Street Court East, Palmetto, Florida as Surplus Property and Authorizing its Sale; PID 2483100000
Attachment: Resolution for Surplus Property_PID 2483100000.pdf
Attachment: Jurisdictional Review Comments_PID 2483100000.pdf
Attachment: Recommend to Declare Surplus Memo_PID 2483100000_signed.pdf
Attachment: Location Map_PID 2483100000.pdf

27. Execution and Recording of Notice of Termination of Portion of Easement and Acceptance and Recording of Utility Easement between RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc., and Manatee County for property located at 3518 U.S. 301 North, Ellenton, Florida 34222 * D'Agostino
Attachment: Notice of Termination of Portion of Easement.pdf
Attachment: Utility Easement RaceTrac.pdf
Attachment: Response Memo to CAO Matter No. 2018-0527.pdf
Attachment: CAO Email Response to RLS 2019-0471 dtd 11.13.2019.pdf
Attachment: CAO Email Response to RLS 2019-0471 dtd 1.08.2020.pdf
Attachment: Location Map.pdf

28. Execution and Recording of Notice of Termination of a Permanent Utilities Easement between Manatee County and OK Willow Walk, LLC for property located in Willow Walk Phase IIC and Willow Walk Phase IIA-IIB-IID * D'Agostino
Attachment: Willow Walk_Easement Termination.pdf
Attachment: 2015 Easement to Terminate_ 2584-5036.pdf
Attachment: Response Memorandum to CAO Matter No. 2020-0098.pdf
Attachment: Willow Walk Easement Termination_Location Map.pdf

29. Execution of Contract for Sale and Purchase from Juana Espinosa and Magdaleno Casimiro Diaz for property located at 7945 121st Avenue East, Parrish, Florida 34219
Attachment: Contract for Sale and Purchase Juana Espinosa and Magdaleno Casimiro Diaz.pdf
Attachment: Location Map.pdf

30. Execution of Contract for Sale and Purchase from Hollis G. Daughtry for property located at 6115 36th Avenue East, Palmetto, Florida 34221
Attachment: Contract for Sale and Purchase Hollis G. Daughtry.pdf
Attachment: Location Map.pdf

31. Execution of Contract for Sale and Purchase from Willie Adamson, Sr., as Personal Representative of the Estate of Ronah Johnson Hornes, a/k/a Ronah Johnson for property located at 7924 120th Avenue East, Parrish, Florida 34219
Attachment: Contract for Sale and Purchase Willie Adamson, Sr., as Personal Representative and Ashley M. Holland as Heir of the Estate of Ronah Johnson Hornes.pdf
Attachment: Location Map.pdf

32. Execution of License Agreement between Terry Read a/k/a Terry Reed and Manatee County for property located on the 44th Avenue East Roadway Improvement Project
Attachment: License Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Location Map.pdf

Redevelopment and Economic Opportunity

33. Authorization to Request Waivers from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to Implement Programs Related to COVID-19
Attachment: COVID-19_Availability-of-Waivers-of-CPD-Grant-Program-and-Consolidated-Plan-Req.pdf

34. Motion to Approve Consent Agenda

PORT AUTHORITY (Priscilla Trace, Chairperson)
D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)
E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled)

36. Discussion of On-going Issues Relative to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency and Authorization for the County Commission Chairperson to Extend the Items in Place in Resolution R-20-056 for Another Seven-Day Emergency Period
Attachment: Governor's Executive Order 20-91.pdf
Attachment: Governor's Executive Order 20-92.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-20-041.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-20-045.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-20-053.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-20-056.pdf
Attachment: COVID Updates for BOCC 11x17 (002).pdf
Attachment: 04172020 BOCC - Presentation.pdf
Attachment: Public Comments.pdf
Attachment: Additional Public Comments.pdf
Attachment: Additional Public Comments 2.pdf


35. Dashboard Report - Provided for Informational Purposes
Attachment: MSO Monthly Jail Report - February 2020.pdf
Attachment: MSO Monthly Jail Report - March 2020.pdf

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Continuation of Consideration for Future Agenda Items, if Needed)

The Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County, Florida, does not discriminate upon the basis of any individual's disability status. This non-discrimination policy involves every aspect of the Board's functions including one's access to, participation in, employment with, or treatment in its programs or activities. Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation for this meeting as provided for in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), should contact Carmine DeMilio at (941) 792-8784 Ext. 8203 or carmine.demilio@mymanatee.org.

The Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County and the Manatee County Port Authority may elect not to convene, if no business is scheduled; however, each reserves the right to take action on any matter during its meeting, including items not set forth within this agenda. The Chair of each governing body at his/her option may take business out of order if he/she determines that such a change in the schedule will expedite the business of the governing body.

All public comment on quasi-judicial agenda items is required to be under oath and must occur at a duly noticed public hearing. The Citizens' Comments portion of the agenda is not an advertised public hearing, and no comments on quasi-judicial agenda items are authorized during the Citizens' Comments portion of the agenda.

PUBLIC NOTICE: According to Florida Statutes, Section 286.0105, any person desiring to appeal any decision made by the Board of County Commissioners (or the other entities that are meeting) with respect to any matter considered at said public hearing/meeting will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purposes may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.