Bradenton Area Convention Center One Haben Boulevard, Palmetto - Longboat Key Room 9:00 a.m. - October 13, 2020
REVISED - October 13, 2020 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #55

Adoption of Resolution R-20-135, a Resolution Vacating a Portion of 77th Avenue East located within Pomello Park


Contact and/or Presenter Information
Joy Leggett Murphy, Property Acquisition Division Manager, Property Management, Extension 3439

Charles Meador, Senior Real Property Specialist, Property Acquisition Division, Property Management, Extension 6298

Action Requested
  • ADOPT Resolution R-20-135; and
  • Acceptance of Permanent Drainage and Access Easement from Stephen P. Aron and Christine A. Aron

Enabling/Regulating Authority
  • Florida Statutes, Chapter 336.09, Closing and Abandonment of Roads
  • Manatee County Land Development Code, Section 331, Vacation of Streets and Plats

Background Discussion
  • The Applicants, Roger and Kimberly Anne Dunn, Scott and Carolyn McAdoo, and Stephen and Christine Aron are requesting a vacation of a portion of 77th Avenue East. 
  • The area proposed to be vacated is 1.465 acres and is an unimproved platted right-of-way.
  • Jurisdictional reviews were sent to appropriate County Departments and private reviewing entities.
  • During the review process, the Stormwater Division of Public Works responded with an objection. However, after a site visit and Mr. and Mrs. Aron agreeing to convey to the County a Permanent Drainage and Access Easement at the Public Hearing for the vacation that is the subject of this agenda, Ken Kohn provided a formal "no objection" on behalf of the Stormwater Division on August 11, 2020.
  • Additionally, Jeff Bowman, Code Enforcement Chief, provided a "no objection" on May 26, 2020, contingent on the Permanent Drainage and Access Easement being presented to the Board simultaneously on this agenda. 
  • The vacation application complies with the technical requirements of the Manatee County Land Development Code and pertinent Florida Statutes. 
  • All expenses associated with the subject vacation will be paid by the Applicants.

County Attorney Review
Formal Written Review (Opinion memo must be attached)

Explanation of Other

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records

Please return a certified copy of the resolution and the accepted easement to Charles Meador, Property Management Department, 1112 Manatee Avenue West, Suite 800, Bradenton, Florida

Email a copy of the approved agenda item to Charles.Meador@mymanatee.org.

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  R-20-135.pdf
Attachment:  Vacation Application.pdf
Attachment:  Director Memo.pdf
Attachment:  BADS Director Sufficiency Memo V-19-507.pdf
Attachment:  Permanent Drainage and Access Easement.pdf
Attachment:  Jurisdictional Responses.pdf
Attachment:  Bradenton Herald Listing.pdf
Attachment:  Affidavit of Notice.pdf
Attachment:  Response Memorandum to CAO Matter No. 2020-0138.pdf
Attachment:  Location Map.pdf