Manatee County Government Administrative Center
Commission Chambers, First Floor
9:00 a.m. - June 21, 2016

REVISED - June 21, 2016 - Regular Meeting



MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (Vanessa Baugh, Chairman)
INVOCATION (The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.)
1. Invocation led by Pastor Wende Thompson, Glory Cloud Ministries

Items Scheduled for Time Certain

2. 10:00 A.M. - ITEM 49 - Public hearing and adoption of Resolution No. R-16-98 providing for TEFRA approval of Manatee County Port Authority's borrowing up to $2,000,000
3. 10:00 A.M. - ITEM 46 - Port Authority Meeting (To follow Item 49)
4. 10:30 A.M. - ITEM 52 - Local Governmental Infrastructure Sales Tax Ordinance 16-35
5. 1:30 P.M. - ITEM 48 - LDA-09-04(R3) Second Amendment to the Summer Woods LDA -- To be followed by ITEMS 53 AND 54 - Plan Amendments PA-16-01/Ordinance 16-07 AND PA-16-03/Ordinance 16-23
Changes to Agenda

57. Updates to Agenda
Attachment: 20160621 Update Memo.pdf


6. Employee of the Month - Kevin Beach
Attachment: Kevin Beach.pdf
Attachment: Beach Nomination 04112016143851.pdf

7. Retirement Award - Mark Mayer
Proclamations (Motion required to adopt proclamations)

8. Park and Recreation Month - July 2016
Attachment: Park and Recreation Month Proclamation - July 2016.pdf
Attachment: Park and Recreation Month Poster - July 2016.pdf

56. Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Supervision Week - July 17-23, 2016
Attachment: Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Supervision Proclamation.pdf

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consideration for Future Agenda Items - 30-Minute Time Limit)
Each person will be limited to three (3) minutes. If the thirty (30) minute time period has been exhausted, the Board will entertain any remaining comments near the end of the meeting with the same three (3) minute per person time limitation.

9. Citizen Comments

REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda)
CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)
Each person wishing to speak to Consent Agenda items will be limited to three (3) minutes per item; provided, however, that each person will be limited to speaking for a total of ten (10) minutes regardless of the number of items being discussed.

10. Citizen Comments

Clerk of Circuit Court

11. Clerk's Consent Agenda
Attachment: 062116 Clerk's Consent Agenda.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - May 3 Joint School Board.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - May 5.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - May 25 Joint Sarasota BCC.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - June 8.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - June 15.pdf
Attachment: Refund - Highland Holdings - Palmetto Estates Lot 1.pdf
Attachment: Refund - Rich Overlin Inc.pdf
Attachment: Refund - SMR Communities.pdf
Attachment: Refund - Utilitiy Customer 45610-145761.pdf
Attachment: Contracts - Granger.pdf
Attachment: Report - Buckeye Park.pdf
Attachment: Report - Cone Ranch South.pdf
Attachment: Report - Eagle Point.pdf
Attachment: Report - Gamble Creek.pdf
Attachment: Report - Summer Woods.pdf
Attachment: Report - Tara.pdf
Attachment: Report - University Place.pdf
Attachment: Report - Waters Edge.pdf
Attachment: Report - Villages of Glen Creek.pdf
Attachment: Report - Waterlefe.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release of Special Assessment Lien.pdf


12. Manatee County School Board Half-Cent Sales Tax Resolution R-16-109 * Clague
Attachment: Resolution R-16-109.pdf


13. DiSabatino v. Manatee County and Eschenfelder * Palmer
Attachment: Informed Consent Document.pdf

14. U.S. Highway 301 North at Ellenton Gillette Road intersection improvements; authority to make counteroffer to business damage claim offer. * D'Agostino
Attachment: Aerial Map - Parcel 1.pdf

Building and Development Services

15. Final Plat - Harmony Ph II Subphase A-B
Attachment: Application.pdf
Attachment: Legal Documents.pdf
Attachment: Agreements-Bonds.pdf

16. Final Plat - Indigo, Phases IV & V
Attachment: Indigo IV&V - Application.pdf
Attachment: Indigo IV&V - Legal Docs.pdf
Attachment: Indigo IV&V - Agreements & Bonds.pdf

17. Final Plat - Twin Rivers, Phase IV-C-A
Attachment: Application.pdf
Attachment: Legal Documents, Financial Agreement, Letter of Credit.pdf

18. Dismissal of Remaining Code Enforcement Fines for Abelardo Gonzalez (nka Palaw, LLC) , Code Enforcement Case Number CE2008070167
Attachment: 2016-6-22 Gonzalez .pdf

19. Reduction of Code Enforcement Fines for Pearson Auto Transport, Inc., and Mark Rudek and Gail Rose, Code Enforcement Case Number CE2004010054
Attachment: 2016-6-21 Pearson Auto Transport Inc .pdf

Community Services

20. Agreement for the Alzheimer's Disease Initiative (ADI) Grant Funds 16/17
Attachment: RESADI.pdf
Attachment: ADI Agreement 1617.pdf
Attachment: B-16-074 ADI 16-17.pdf

21. Agreement for the Community Care for the Elderly (CCE) Grant Funds 16/17
Attachment: RESCCE.pdf
Attachment: CCE Agreement 1617.pdf
Attachment: B-16-072 CCE 16-17.pdf

22. Agreement for the Home Care for the Elderly (HCE) Grant Funds 16/17
Attachment: RESHCE.pdf
Attachment: HCE Agreement 1617.pdf
Attachment: B-16-073 HCE 16-17.pdf

23. Amendment #3 to the FY 15/16 Community Care for the Elderly (CCE) Grant Agreement
Attachment: CCE1516amendment3.pdf
Attachment: B-16-071 CCE Amend #3.pdf

24. Disinterment at New Memphis Cemetery * D'Agostino
Financial Management

25. FY16 Budget Amendment Resolutions
Attachment: B-16-067 Resolution and Narrative.pdf

26. IFB 14-3134CD Automatic Backwash Filter Rehabilitation at the Southwest Water Reclamation Facility
Attachment: brandes.SWWRF Backwash.co1.1memo.pdf
Attachment: brandes.SWWRF Backwash.co1.2.pdf
Attachment: brandes SWWRF Backwash co1 3bond rider.pdf

Neighborhood Services

27. 2017 Cyclovia Event
Attachment: Emerging City Champions 2016 Application Form Final.pdf
Attachment: Cyclovia Funding Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Resolution B-16-076.pdf

28. SHIP Lien Release on Short Sale for John J. Marco
Attachment: J Marco Hardship letter.pdf
Attachment: J Marco HUD Settlement Stmt.pdf
Attachment: J Marco Sales Contract.pdf
Attachment: J Marco Sales Contract Addendum.pdf
Attachment: J Marco Property Appraiser Value.pdf
Attachment: J Marco US Bank Settlement.pdf

29. State Aid to Libraries Grant Amendment
Attachment: Library State Grant Amendment.pdf

Parks and Natural Resources

30. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Annual Report for United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Compliance
Attachment: Year 3 NPDES Rpt.pdf
Attachment: Year 3 Fiscal Summay.pdf

Property Management

31. Resolution R-16-090 Declaring a Public Hearing on July 26, 2016, at 9:00 a.m., to consider an application to vacate a portion of unimproved right-of-way at 51st Street East, Bradenton, Florida 34208 * D'Agostino
Attachment: Resolution R-16-090.pdf
Attachment: Vacation Application #V-16-501_Paul D. Jones.pdf
Attachment: V-16-501 Jurisdictional Reviews & Log.pdf
Attachment: Pre-Application Meeting Memorandum_Paul D. Jones.pdf
Attachment: Department Director Memorandum_Paul D. Jones.pdf
Attachment: Response Memo to CAO Matter No 2016-0422.pdf
Attachment: 51st Street E-Braden River - RW Vacation - Loc.pdf

32. Warranty Deed from B & J Citrus Groves Inc., for property located at 1127 36th Avenue East, Ellenton, Florida 34222.
Attachment: Warranty Deed B&J Citrus Groves Inc Parcel 4.pdf
Attachment: Affidavit of Ownership and Encumbrances B&J Citrus Groves Inc Parcel 4.pdf
Attachment: B & J Citrus Groves Inc Location Map.pdf

33. Warranty Deed from Zachary Putnal, Trustee of the Desoto Ranch Estates Trust for property located at 1301 36th Avenue East, Ellenton, Florida 34222; PID 92100002
Attachment: Warranty Deed Zachary Putnal, Trustee of the Desoto Ranch Estates Trust Parcel 8.pdf
Attachment: Affidavit of Ownership & Encumbrances Zachary Putnal, Trustee of the Desoto Ranch Estates Trust Parcel 8.pdf
Attachment: Location Map Parcel 8.pdf

Public Safety

34. Community Paramedicine Grant Award * Clague
Attachment: R-16-106 Community Paramedicine.pdf
Attachment: MA400 EMS Contract.pdf
Attachment: B-16-069 Community Paramedic Grant.pdf
Attachment: RLS Opinion.pdf

35. Hazard Analysis Contract * Zamboni
Attachment: Manatee 2016-17 HA Contract.pdf
Attachment: R-16-096 Hazard Analysis Resolution.pdf
Attachment: EM RLS Response MemoHazard Material Subgrant #16-2017.pdf
Attachment: B-16-068 Hazard Analysis.pdf

Public Works

36. Bonds - Wingate Creek Mine - Accept Reclamation Bond Rider Adjustment
Attachment: Rider for Wingate Ck Mine.pdf

37. Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) Memorandum of Agreement
Attachment: Resolution R-16-097.pdf
Attachment: CTC Memorandum of Agreement.pdf

38. FY16/17 FDOT Highway Lighting Maintenance and Compensation Agreement * D'Agostino
Attachment: FY16-17 Highway Lighting Maintenance & Compensation Agreemnt Exhibit A.pdf
Attachment: Master Highway Lighting Maintenance & Compensation Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Response to CAO Matter No 2016-0513.pdf

39. Surplus Equipment
Attachment: Surplus List 6-21-16.pdf
Attachment: Reconciliation List 6-21-16 (3).pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-16-095.pdf

40. Transportation Disadvantaged Trip & Equipment Grant Agreement
Attachment: Manatee 2016-17 TE Grant Agreement.pdf
Attachment: TD Grant CTD Letter Dtd June 3, 2016.pdf
Attachment: TE Grant Application Form2016422.pdf
Attachment: TD Resolution R-16-100.pdf

41. Universal Access Program Agreements with Local Colleges * Eschenfelder
Attachment: SCAT and MCAT Universal Pass Agreement - New College 60816.pdf
Attachment: SCAT and MCAT Universal Pass Agreement - Ringling 60816.pdf


42. Letter of Support for Acquisition of Orange Hammock Ranch as conservation area
Attachment: Orange Hammock Ranch presentation_060116.pdf
Attachment: BCC letter of support for Orange Hammock Ranch draft 061516.pdf

43. Service Fee Waivers
Attachment: Returned Item Summary.pdf

44. Write-Off of Bad Debt
Attachment: FY16 Q3 Estimates.pdf

45. Motion to Approve Consent Agenda

PORT AUTHORITY (Betsy Benac, Chairman - 10:00 A.M. TIME CERTAIN)
The consent and regular agenda items for any Port Authority meeting are set forth in the Port Authority meeting agenda materials notebook as supplied by Port Manatee staff prior to and at the commencement of the meeting of the Port Authority.

46. Port Authority Agenda
Attachment: Port Authority Agenda and Supporting Materials.pdf

D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)

47. Ordinance 16-32 - Amending Code of Ordinances Related to School Impact Fees * Clague
Attachment: Ordinance 16-32 - School Impact Fees Text Amendment (v2).pdf
Attachment: Copy of Newspaper Advertising - Ordinance 16-32 - Bradenton Herald - 6-21-2016 BCC.pdf
Attachment: Copy of Newspaper Advertising - Ordinance 16-32 - Sarasota Herald Tribune - 6-21-2016 BCC.pdf
Attachment: Resolution 16-02.pdf

Building and Development Services (1:30 P.M. TIME CERTAIN)

48. LDA-09-04(R3) - Second Amendment to the Amended and Restated Local Development Agreement for Summer Woods - Quasi-Judicial - Lisa Barrett * Clague
Attachment: Second Amendement to Amended and Restate LDA - Summerwoods (Final BR ).pdf
Attachment: Affidavit of Publishing - Bradenton Herald LIne - 6-7-2016 and 6-21-2016 BCC.pdf
Attachment: Affidavit of Publishing - Summerwoods LDA LDA-09-04(R3) - Sarasota Herald Tribune Line - 6-7-16 and 6-21-16 BCC.pdf
Attachment: Maps - Future Land Use, Zoning and Aerials - Summerwoods LDA.pdf
Attachment: Summer Woods LDA - LDA-09-04(R) pdf.pdf
Attachment: Summer Woods LDA - LDA-09-04.pdf
Attachment: Summer Woods LDA First Amendment to LDA - LDA-09-04(R2).pdf

Financial Management (10:00 A.M. TIME CERTAIN)

49. Public hearing and adoption of Resolution No. R-16-98 providing for TEFRA approval of Manatee County Port Authority's borrowing up to $2,000,000 outstanding at any one time, such borrowing evidenced by the issuance of a tax-exempt revenue note. * Clague
Attachment: Notice of TEFRA Hearing -06-04-16.pdf
Attachment: Manatee Port Authority TEFRA Resolution No R-16-98.pdf

Neighborhood Services

50. 2016/17 Community Development Block Grant Annual Action Plan
Attachment: Resolution B-16-070.pdf
Attachment: Resolution R-16-094.pdf
Attachment: 16-17 Action Plan - Final Draft.pdf
Attachment: CDBG 2016 Allocations.pdf

Property Management

51. Enforcement of Parking Spaces on County Facilities Designated as No Parking or Restricted Access Parking Ordinance No. 16-29 * Eschenfelder
Attachment: No Parking Ordinance 16-29.pdf
Attachment: Affidavit Proof of Publication Ordinance 16-29.pdf
Attachment: RLS Response Memo 2016-369.pdf

E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled)
Administrator (10:30 A.M. TIME CERTAIN)

52. Local Governmental Infrastructure Sales Tax Ordinance 16-35 * Clague
Attachment: Ordinance 16-35 (6-20-16).pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 16-35 - Proof of Publication.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 16-35 - Letter from Island Mayors.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 16-35 - Commissioner DiSabatino Email.pdf

Building and Development Services (1:30 P.M. TIME CERTAIN)

53. PA-16-01/Ordinance 16-07 - Urban Corridors Plan Amendment - Legislative - Lisa Barrett * Schenk
Attachment: Staff Report - PA-06-01-Ordinance 16-07 Comp Plan Amendment Urban Corridors.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 16-07 - PA-16-01 - Urban Corridors Comp Plan Amendment - 6-21-2016 BCC.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 16-07 - Exhibit A - Maps.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 16-07 - Exhibit B.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 16-07 - Exhibit C.pdf
Attachment: School Report Letter.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 12 - Public Comments.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 13 - Assessment Report 12012015.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 14 - Appendix A - Manatee Council of Government.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 14 - Appendix B - 2010 FINAL ONE BAY VISION BROCHURE.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 14 - Appendix B - ONE BAY General Overview & Findings RAT 12-17-08.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 14 - Appendix B - ONE-BAY_FACTSHEET_July 2009.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 14 - Appendix B - Outcome Report ManateeCounty.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 14 - Appendix C- How Will We Grow Report 021113_hi res graphics.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 14 - Appendix D - ULI FINALManateeCounty_PanelReport.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 14 - Appendix E 1 of 2 .pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 14 - Appendix E 2 of 2.pdf
Attachment: Attach 14 - Sarasota Herald Tribune.pdf
Attachment: Attach 16 - Bradenton Herald.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 16 - Letter for DEO for signature.pdf
Attachment: Staff Report Attachment 14 - Additional study Sierra club.pdf
Attachment: Public Comment Letter - E Marshall.pdf

54. PA-16-03/Ordinance 16-23 - Plan Amendment - Countywide Amendments - Legislative - Lisa Barrett * Schenk
Attachment: Staff Report - PA-16-03 - Ord 16-23 Countywide.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 16-23 - Countywide Amendment.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 16-23 - Exhibit A.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 16-23 - Exhibit B.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance Exhibit C Definitions.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance Exhibit D Future Land Use Element.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance Exhibit E Land Use Operatives.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance Exhibit F Traffic Sub-Element.pdf
Attachment: Copy of Newspaper Advertising - PA-16-03 - Ord. 16-23 - Countywide - Sarasota Herald Tribune - 6-21-2016 BCC.pdf
Attachment: Copy of Newspaper Advertising - PA-16-03 - Ord. 16-23 - Countywide Comp Plan Amendment - Bradenton Herald 6-21-2016 BCC.pdf
Attachment: Public Comments - County Wide Plan Amendment.pdf
Attachment: Transmittal Letter for DEO for signature.pdf


55. Dashboard Report for May 2016
Attachment: May 2016 Dashboards.pdf
Attachment: PSCC_MAY 16.pdf

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Continuation of Consideration for Future Agenda Items, if Needed)

The Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County, Florida, does not discriminate upon the basis of any individual's disability status. This non-discrimination policy involves every aspect of the Board's functions including one's access to, participation in, employment with, or treatment in its programs or activities. Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation for this meeting as provided for in the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact Kaycee Ellis at 742-5800; TDD ONLY 742-5802, wait 60 seconds; FAX 745-3790.

The Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County and the Manatee County Port Authority may elect not to convene, if no business is scheduled; however, each reserves the right to take action on any matter during its meeting, including items not set forth within this agenda. The Chair of each governing body at his/her option may take business out of order if he/she determines that such a change in the schedule will expedite the business of the governing body.

All public comment on quasi-judicial agenda items is required to be under oath and must occur at a duly noticed public hearing. The Citizens' Comments portion of the agenda is not an advertised public hearing, and no comments on quasi-judicial agenda items are authorized during the Citizens' Comments portion of the agenda.

PUBLIC NOTICE: According to Florida Statutes, Section 286.0105, any person desiring to appeal any decision made by the Board of County Commissioners (or the other entities that are meeting) with respect to any matter considered at said public hearing/meeting will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purposes may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.