Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - October 22, 2013
October 22, 2013 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #35

Substantial Amendment to Manatee County Annual Action Plans


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Suzie Dobbs, Community Development Manager

Extension 3937

Action Requested
Public hearing to receive citizens' comments and approval and authorization for Chairman to execute Resolution R-13-186 providing for amendments to Resolutions R-09-120, R-11-137, R-12-115, and R-13-106 to amend the 2009/10, 2011/12, 2012/13, and 2013/14 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Action Plans, reallocating grant funds to align revenues and expenditures within said plans.

Enabling/Regulating Authority

24 CFR Part 91 (Consolidated Plan regulations)

Manatee County Citizens' Participation Plans

Background Discussion
  • On July 28, 2009, the Board approved Resolution R-09-120 adopting the Community Development Block Grant 2009/10 Annual Action Plan.
  • On June 21, 2011, the Board approved Resolution R-11-137 adopting the Community Development Block Grant 2011/12 Annual Action Plan.
  • On June 5, 2012, the Board approved Resolution R-12-115 adopting the Community Development Block Grant 2012/13 Annual Action Plan.
  • On July 30, 2013, the Board approved Resolution R-13-106 adopting the Community Development Block Grant 2013/14 Annual Action Plan.
  • These Resolutions specifically approved CDBG, HOME, and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) activities.
  • This Substantial Amendment will reallocate CDBG balances from various fiscal years from activities that were completed and decrease funding from the 11/12 and 13/14 CDBG homeowner rehabilitation projects.  The reallocations and decreases will be used to increase funding for the Russo Transitional Housing activity, the 26th Avenue West Flood Drain Improvement activity, and to fund a new project for the Community Coalition on Homelessness d/b/a Turning Points, Food Pantry project.
  • In addition, this Substantial Amendment will decrease the HOME 09/10 Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) funding and increase the HOME 09/10 Eligible Housing Activities projects.
  • Manatee County's Citizen Participation Plans outline the method of processing a substantial amendment to the Consolidated Plan and/or Annual Action Plans, and each of those steps have been followed in this process, including a thirty (30) day public comment period.
  • Manatee County published a "Notice of Proposed Substantial Amendment" and "Notice of Public Hearing" in the Herald on September 26, 2013, that initiated the thirty (30) day public comment period. Any public comments received pertaining to this Substantial Amendment will be included in the transmittal to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • The Board is required to review the proposed amendment, consider any public comments received, and make any adjustments they deem appropriate before approving the Substantial Amendment for submission to HUD.
  • Funding for this Substantial Amendment is provided by the CDBG and HOME programs.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

Explanation of Other

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records
Please return two certified copies of Resolution R-13-186 to Suzie Dobbs, Neighborhood Services Department, Extension 3937.

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
CDBG Fund 172; and HOME Fund 176

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

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