Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - October 21, 2014
October 21, 2014 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #32

Tampa Bay Estuary Program Funding Agreement


Contact and/or Presenter Information
Charlie Hunsicker, Director, Parks and Natural Resources Department
x6001, charlie.hunsicker@mymanatee.org

Action Requested
Authorization for the Chairman to execute the Funding Agreement between Manatee County and the Tampa Bay Estuary Program in an amount not to exceed $32,217.00 for Fiscal Year 2014-2015.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
Florida Statutes 125

Background Discussion
  • In April 1997, Manatee County and other local governments and agencies participating in the Tampa Bay Estuary Program (TBEP) formally adopted a Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan to complete the cleanup and restoration of Tampa Bay.  That milestone event was followed by the execution of an Interlocal Agreement in February 1998 committing the Program's partners to a voluntary course of action to achieve the agreed-upon goals for bay restoration.
  • Recent results of water quality monitoring confirm that Tampa Bay's remarkable recovery is continuing.  Water clarity targets adopted by the Estuary Program's partners have been met 86% of the time since 1996, and seagrass is continuing to expand at a rate of 500 acres per year.  These impressive results have been accomplished through the collective efforts of Manatee County and its partners in the Estuary Program.
  • The principal Program objective for FY14/15 is to carry out responsibilities assigned to the Tampa Bay Estuary Program under the CCMP (Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan) Implementing Agreement.  Duties that will receive special emphasis in FY14/15 include:
    • Coordinate and facilitate TBEP and Nitrogen Management Consortium activities needed to implement the Tampa Bay 2017 Reasonable Assurance Update and continue to meet water quality targets for the bay.
    • Identify high-priority coastal sites to increase resiliency to climate change, and obtain matching funds for restoration or acquisition of high priority sites through grant opportunities.
    • Implement a long-term "on the ground" monitoring program to assess plant community and other ecological and functional changes in critical coastal habitats.
    • Continue evaluation of the water quality effects of implementation of adopted residential fertilizer application ordinances and laws.
    • Continue assessment of nutrient levels to support living resources in tidal tributaries.
    • Continue to provide high quality outreach products and programs, focusing on core materials and information that can be delivered electronically, such as TBEP's website, its e-newsletter, its Facebook page, internally produced videos, Fact Sheets, fliers and through the Constant Contact Listserve.
    • Continue two priority education programs  -  pet waste and fertilizer education  -  by implementing the new "Be Floridian" website to promote eco-friendly landscaping; and reprinting of some critical materials for local partners.
    • Continue to implement public education, stewardship and involvement programs including "Give a Day
      For The Bay," Bay-Friendly boater program, and "Pooches for the Planet."
    • Obtain, coordinate, and administer grants necessary to complete ongoing technical and outreach initiatives.
    • Facilitate technically-based approaches to watershed management programs, TMDLs (Total Maximus Daily Load) and BMAPs (Basin Management Action Plan), as requested by partners.
  • The federal government through the Environmental Protection Agency provides approximately 50 percent of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program base funding in FY 14/15.  The remaining 50 percent is provided by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, and the six local governments, including Manatee County, represented on the Policy Board of the Estuary Program.
  • Total workplan funding for the Tampa Bay Estuary Program in FY14/15, as approved by the Policy Board and EPA, is $1,096,000.  Manatee County's share of the funding is $32,217.00 or 2.9% of the total.  The Board of County Commissioners approved funding the TBEP in this amount through the Parks and Natural Resources Department.
  • The attached agreement between Manatee County and the TBEP sets forth the terms under which the County will make payment to the TBEP in accordance with the County's payment procedures.  This agreement follows the same form as last year's funding agreement between the parties.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (Utilizes exact document or procedure approved within the last 18 months)

Explanation of Other

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records

Please have Chairman execute two originals and return one to Kay Rogers, Parks and Natural Resources Department, for transmittal to TBEP.

 ext. 6043, kay.rogers@mymanatee.org

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs
67% to 4600009501 ($21,585.39) and 33% to 4010009500 ($10,631.61)

Attachment:  TBEP Funding Agreement 2014-2015.pdf