Manatee County Government Administrative Center Honorable Patricia M. Glass Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - November 19, 2019
November 19, 2019 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #48

Parks and Natural Resources Department Fee Schedule and Mobile Food Truck Vendors Update


Contact and/or Presenter Information
Charlie Hunsicker / Director / ext. 6001

Matt Porter / Recreation Division Manager / ext. 6005

Action Requested
Adoption of Resolution R-19-142, amending R-19-068 and providing for changes to the Parks and Natural Resources Department Fee Schedule, with an effective date, and an update on Mobile Food Truck Vendors with approval to implement Concessionaire License Agreement fees.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
Florida Statute 125

Background Discussion
The Parks and Natural Resources Department operations are continually being fine-tuned to meet the needs of the community in the most efficient and economical way possible.  The intent is not to compete with private organizations and neighboring communities, but to provide access and services at a cost affordable to all, thereby affording the opportunity for more citizens to enjoy our county-owned and operated facilities.

Staff recommended changes to the Fee Schedule are as follows (see attached Proposed Fee Schedule with Strike-throughs):

  • The Fitness Center Membership (Grandfather Clause) will be removed from the Fee Schedule Definitions as we no longer have any participants.  The clause pertains to all existing monthly members of the fitness center as of June 1, 2010, and or all seasonal residents who held a membership during the time period of October 1, 2009, to March 31, 2010.  This was a one-time offer that allowed them to utilize only the fitness center at the rate of $25/month until they had a lapse in their membership. In addition, seasonal members had the opportunity to place their fitness membership on hold and pay a transaction fee of $25.  This membership would expire after two years from the date of activation. (p.1)

  • Add a definition for Off-Peak, a period of less demand or use of facilities; and Peak Season, a period of more demand or use of facilities. (p.2)
  • The Racquetball & Hard Court Tennis Membership (Grandfather Clause) will be removed as we no longer have any members. This pertains to all existing member of Racquetball and Hard Court Tennis who had joined as of June 1, 2010, at a rate of $60 for three months, at the rate of $95 for six months, or at the rate of $130 for one year to allow them to utilize only Racquetball & Hard Court Tennis until they terminated their membership. (p.2)

  • Remove Seasonal Membership that gives recreation center members the opportunity to place their annual membership on hold by paying a transaction fee of $25 prior to membership lapsing.  As memberships are now a $25 monthly fee, this membership is no longer used.

  • The Lightning Foundation donated an Outdoor Hockey Rink located at the Lakewood Ranch Park.  As there is interest from outside entities to rent the facility, we are adding the following fees to cover maintenance costs. (p.16)
    • Outdoor Hockey Rink
      $10/hr - Resident/Social
      $15/hr - Commercial

  • Grandfathered Racquetball/Hard Court Tennis 3-Month and 6-Month fees will be removed as we no longer have any participants. (p.17)

  • Increase the G.T. Bray Daily Guest Pass holder's tennis hard courts total hours of court time from 1.5 to 2-hours. (p.18)

  • Remove the Child Watch fee for non-members as the service is now offered to members only. (p.18)

  • The G.T. Bray Recreation Center offers a low $25/month membership that includes a variety of Recreation Classes.  These classes are also offered to non-member drop-ins for a low, per class fee. During peak season when our members come in, the classes are filled up with drop-ins. To encourage memberships and still offer a reasonable drop-in class fee, staff would like to create a off-peak season and a peak season rate for non-members. (p.18)
    • $5/class/off-peak season
    • $10/class/peak season

  • Remove the expired "granting" of a previous Fitness Center staff led Personal Training Session fee to participating members until December 31, 2018. (p.18)

  • Add a 30-minute Team Training Session (staff led) with fees and number of trainees for each and increase 1-hour session fees with adjusted number of trainees. (p.18)
    • Team Training Session (staff led)/30-minute
      $50 (2-4 trainees*)
    • Team Training Session (staff led)/1-hour
      $60 to $75 (2-4 trainees*)
    • Team Training Session (staff led)/1-hour
      $75 to $90 (5-9 trainees*)
    • Team Training Session (staff led)/1-hour
      $100 to $115 (10+ trainees*)
      *All trainees must have Membership or Daily Guest Pass.

  • Add a 1-hour private Group Fitness Session (instructor led) and each Additional Participant fees. (p.19)
    • Group Fitness Session (PT led)/1-hour
      $50/group (3-9 participants*)
      $5/each additional (10+ participants*)
      *All trainees must have Membership or Daily Guest Pass.

  • Add a Group Fitness Session - Equipment Set-up fee whereby staff would set up fitness equipment prior to session and take down after. (p.19)
    • Group Fitness Session - Equipment Set-up (optional)
      $50/each session
      *All trainees must have Membership or Daily Guest Pass.

  • Change all "instructor" references to "PT" on Personal Training Sessions and Trainer Facility Use fees to better define the type of instructor. (p.19)

  • Remove "via Purchasing Department" throughout Fee Schedule as all contracts are either Board approved or the department Director has been given authorization to sign. (p.20, 24 and 28)

  • Add a Pickleball Ball Machine hourly rental fee. (p.22)
    • $20/hour+daily fee/person

  • Add a Mobile Food Truck Vendor Annual Application Processing fee and a monthly Vendor Permit Fee under the Mobile Food Truck Vendor Concessionaire License Agreement. (p.23)
    • Annual Application Processing (Jan 1 - Dec 31)
    • Vendor Permit

  • Increase staff operated Pickleball Tournament fee range. (p.27)
    • Pickleball Tournament (staff operated)
      $15-$60 to $20-$80/person/event

  • Add fee ranges to Pickleball Group Clinic for all members and non-members located on hard courts or indoor gymnasium. (p.27)
    • Pickleball Group Clinic
      $0-$20/all members

  • Clarify that staff led Private Lessons (Pickleball/Tennis) fees ($30 and $50) includes 1 participant. (p.27)
    • $30/30-minutes (1 participant*)
    • $50/1-hour (1 participant*)
      *Participant must have membership for court surface or pay daily fee for court surface.

  • Add staff led Private Lessons (Pickleball/Tennis) fees for 3-5, 6-9, and 10+ participants. (p.27)
    • $60/1-hour (2-5 participants*)
    • $75/1-hour (6-9 participants*)
    • $100/1-hour (10+ participants*)
      *Participant must have membership for court surface or pay daily fee for court surface.

  • Add Social Pickleball League (staff led) fee ranges for members and non-members. (p.28)
    • Social Pickleball League (staff led)

  • Add Adventure Camp weekly and prorated daily fee to Youth Camps programs. The camp will be an enhanced offering during the Summer Blast Camp whereby participants will be involved in more off-campus field trips and activities. (p.29)
    • Adventure Camp
      $185/week (prorated $37/daily for short weeks)

  • Adjust Mosaic NEST Building Rental closing hours from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. to accommodate cleanup activities. All cleanup activities must now cease by 11 p.m. instead of 9:30 p.m. (p.33)

  • Add an Emerson Point and Classroom Extended Use Maintenance fees as the facilities are heavily used by large groups and require additional cleaning and ongoing maintenance. (p.33)
    • $30/week
    • $80/week

  • Add two preserve Pavilion Rentals inadvertently left out of Fee Schedule and decrease the capacities for all other preserve pavilions listed. The size of all parks and preserves pavilions have been evaluated and adjusted to meet ADA standards based on availability of seating. (p.33)
    • Emerson Point Large Classroom Pavilion
      100 to 50 capacity
    • Emerson Point Canoe Launch Pavilion
      20 Capacity
    • Emerson Point "The Point" Pavilion
      20 capacity
    • Rye Pavilion
      100 to 40 capacity
    • Duette Pavilion
      100 to 40 capacity

  • Clarify that Wedding /Vow Renewal/Hand Fasting/Commitment Ceremony locations have very limited parking and decrease the capacity at several preserve sites for such events. (p.33)
    • Emerson Point Mound Plaza
      100 to 50 capacity
    • The Point
      250 to 50 capacity
    • Emerson Point Classroom Plaza
      100 to 50

  • Add an Emerson Point Septic fee.. The facilities are heavily used by large groups and the septic requires additional pump-outs throughout the year. (p.33)
    • Emerson Point Septic Fee

  • Add an annual Non-motorized Vessel Medallion fee for Kayak/Paddleboard Vendor Permits. (p.34)
    • Non-motorized Vessel Medallion
      /per vessel (valid Jan 1 - Dec 31)
The effective date of all changes above will be Nov 19, 2019.

On March 26, 2019, the Parks & Natural Resources Department received Board authorization to use a Concessionaire License Agreement for Mobile Food Truck Vendors at various County parks. Resolution R-19-029 was adopted authorizing the department Director, or his/her designee, to execute the individual Concessionaire License Agreements for Mobile Food Truck Vendors, and the Director was given up to one year to come back to the Board with an update.

Previous Board discussion regarded producing a reasonable fee schedule and what could be an appropriate fee charged until further monitoring is done.  Staff has since developed internal Policies & Procedures to provide structure to the process and an Administrative Fee and Monthly Fee have been added to the Fee Schedule, pending Board approval.
At this time, all Mobile Food Truck Vendors to be potentially utilized by department staff or affiliated leagues will be required to fill out a Concessionaire License Agreement with their business name, and submit with Products & Pricing as well as required insurance requirements.  Upon clearance by department staff, a $10 Administrative Fee will be required before the Director, or his/her designee, will sign the annual (Jan 1 - Dec 31) Concessionaire License Agreement.  Per the department's Policy & Procedures, only areas utilized by leagues and only a few park areas, preferably with staff presence, will be considered to utilize a vendor for the convenience of park patrons.  Thereafter, approved vendors will pay a $10 monthly Permit Fee and receive a dated placard with specific location information and County staff signature to display on their mobile food truck in the event they are asked to verify their authority to be on site.

Staff recommends approval of the process stated above.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

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Please provide a copy of approved agenda item to: Cynthia.Gray@mymanatee.org, Jayne.Roberts@mymanatee.org, Debbie.Bassett@mymanatee.org, Patricia.Nolan@mymanatee.org, and Lori.Stephens@manateeclerk.com.

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Attachment:  P&NRD Proposed Fee Schedule with Strike-throughs_November 19, 2019.pdf
Attachment:  P&NRD Proposed Fee Schedule_November 19, 2019.pdf
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