Manatee County Government Administration Building 1st Flr, Patricia M. Glass Chamber November 13, 2019
November 13, 2019 Construction Trades Board
Agenda Item #13

CASE CAC1908-0340 EMES


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RECOMMENDED MOTION FOR DISCIPLINARY ACTION: PURSUANT TO THE PROVISIONS OF MANATEE COUNTY ORDINANCE NOS. 14 08 AND 14 33, AND BASED ON THE EVIDENCE AND TESTIMONY PRESENTED AT THE HEARING, I MOVE: 1. THAT THE CTB ADOPT, AS FINDINGS OF FACT, THE STATEMENTS CONTAINED IN THE CASE SUMMARY; 2. TO FIND Brett Emes IN VIOLATION OF THE FOLLOWING PROVISIONS BY CLEAR AND CONVINCING EVIDENCE: 489.129(1)(o) – Florida Statute Disciplinary proceedings without obtaining permits and inspections 489.129(1)(j) – Florida Statute Disciplinary proceedings abandoning construction project 489.113 (7)(a) Florida Statues Applicability fines provided to ensure compliance 310.3 Building Permit Required 2 6 75(b) Disciplinary Action Must perform work in conformance with laws, regulations and codes 2 6 75(a) Disciplinary Action Must comply with local licensing ordinances 2 6 37(b)(2) Violations and grounds for action against licensees willful building code violation 111.4 – 2014 Florida Building Code 5th Edition Certificate of Completion 110.6 – 2014 Florida Building Code 5th Edition Approval Required 110.1 – 2014 Florida Building Code 5th Edition General 3. TO FORWARD A RECOMMENDATION TO THE STATE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY LICENSING BOARD FOR FURTHER ACTION; 4. TO ORDER THAT Brett Emes CLOSE ALL OPEN PERMITS WITHIN FOURTEEN (14) DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THIS HEARING; 5. TO ORDER THAT Brett Emes PAY TO MANATEE COUNTY THE COSTS INCURRED IN PROCESSING THIS CASE IN THE AMOUNT OF NINE HUNDRED NINETY SIX DOLLARS AND NO CENTS ($996.00), SAID AMOUNT TO BE PAID IN FULL WITHIN FOURTEEN (14) DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THIS HEARING; 6. TO ORDER THAT, IF Brett Emes FAILS TO CLOSE ALL OPEN PERMITS, OR FAILS TO PAY THE COSTS WITHIN FOURTEEN (14) DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THIS HEARING, THE PERMITTING PRIVILEGES OF Brett Emes SHALL BE SUSPENDED UNTIL ALL OPEN PERMITS ARE CLOSED AND ALL OUTSTANDING COSTS ARE PAID; 7. TO DIRECT STAFF TO PREPARE A WRITTEN ORDER CONSISTENT WITH THIS MOTION FOR EXECUTION BY THE CHAIRMAN.

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