Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - May 8, 2018
May 8, 2018 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #20

Parks and Natural Resources Department Fee Schedule


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Charlie Hunsicker / Director / x 6001

Melissa Nell / Programming-Education-Volunteer Manager / x 6042

Mallory Carteaux / Recreation Supervisor - Fitness Center / x 6007

Action Requested
Adoption of Resolution R-18-065, amending R-18-038, and providing for changes to the Parks and Natural Resources Department Fee Schedule, with effective dates.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
FS 125

Background Discussion

The Parks and Natural Resources Department operations are continually being fine-tuned to meet the needs of the community in the most efficient and economical way possible.  The intent is not to compete with private organizations and neighboring communities, but to provide access and services at a cost affordable to all, thereby affording the opportunity for more citizens to enjoy our County-owned and operated facilities.

Staff recommended changes to the Fee Schedule are as follows (see attached Proposed Fee Schedule with Strike-throughs):

  • Manatee County has Board approved agreements with Silver Sneakers and Optum Fitness insurance based programs that provide general access at no cost to the G.T. Bray Recreation Center to include programs, services, and classes that would normally be included in a membership. Silver Sneakers and Optum Fitness pays G.T. Bray for every visit by an eligible member, up to eight visits monthly.  The above paragraph has been added to the Recreation Membership section of the Fee Schedule. (p.17)

  • Add Disabled Veterans 20% Discounted Recreation Membership fee. (p.17)
    • $20 / Individual

  • The Board approved a Personal Training Agreement on April 24 to be used for credentialed and insured Personal Trainers who pay to use the G.T. Bray Recreation Center to conduct personal training sessions as part of their own business, if their clients are members of or purchase a daily pass to the G.T. Bray Recreation Center.  Fitness Center fees have been clarified to define the difference between what a patron pays for Personal Training and what a Personal Trainer pays for Facility Use. (p.18-19)

  • Removed an older Room Rental Fee "Small or Large Multi-Purpose Room (instructor use only)" that was inadvertently not removed when a new category of Instructor Rentals fees was added to the Fee Schedule. (p.19)

  • Separated the "Outside Open Space" fee from the G.T. Bray Recreation Center's Instructor Rental "Rooms" and added to a new Instructor Rentals category that expands the space to include select parks and preserves.  The fee has also been increased. (p.19-20)
    • Outside Open Space (select parks and preserves) 
      $15 to $20 / hour

  • Added Optum Fitness Tennis Membership Fee for program eligible members to use the clay courts as the regular Recreation Membership only includes hard courts. (p.21)
    • $48 / 1 Month
    • $130 / 6 Month
    • $150 / Annual

  • The new Mosaic NEST at Robinson Preserve expansion is available for rent by individuals and groups for a variety of different uses and purposes. Due to the site's unique structure features and interior, specific elements for rentals, such as the need for all rentals to carry event insurance, have been outlined in the NEST Fee Schedule, Rental Parameters & Procedures, Rental Application, and Know Before You Go Guide (attached). 

    Added Mosaic NEST Rental Parameters & Procedures and Management Procedures to the Policies section of the Fee Schedule. (p.8-11)

    Added Mosaic NEST fees. (p.32)
    • Building Rental (8 a.m.-5 p.m.)
      $100 / hour (includes County host)
    • Refundable Damage Deposit (no alcohol)
    • Refundable Damage Deposit (with alcohol)
    • Building Rental Before & Afterhours (6-8 a.m.) and (5-9 p.m.)
      $150 / hour (includes host)
    • Building Rental Afterhours Surcharge (after 9 p.m.)
      $50 / 30-minutes (includes County host)
      (Building closes at 9 p.m. - All activities must cease by 9:30 p.m.)
    • Cancellation Fee (rentals not paid 2-weeks in advance)
    • Group Class* Instructor Rental
      $25 / hour (insurance required)
      *Classes conducted in partnership with Manatee County
    • NEST Grounds Rental or Building Rental with more than 50 guests - See Special Event Permit Fees (p.30)

The effective date of all changes above will be May 8, 2018.

  • Since FY 2014, the Natural Resources Division responsibilities, in terms of maintenance and management of preserves, have grown considerably.  With the opening of Neal Preserve (2014), Ungarelli and Perico Preserves (2015-2016), and the Robinson Preserve Expansion (2018) we have added and continue to add miles of new trails, parking lots, pavilions, kayak launches, garbage cans, kiosks, benches, boardwalks, bridges, overlooks, 535 acres of habitats, and a proportional increase in visitation.  The extent and quality of the paddle trails are being substantially improved through the Robinson Expansion Project.  The construction of 160 new kayak tube lockers will be coupled with the first ever rate increase in monthly tube rental fee since the opening of the original Robinson Preserve in June 2009. (p.31) 
    • Kayak/Canoe Temporary Storage Rental
      $30 to $40 / month / rental tube
      (1 - 5 year Rental Agreement)

The effective date of this fee increase will be October 1, 2018, corresponding with the renewal date of the kayak/canoe tube rental anniversary date.

Sales tax shall continue to be charged in addition to the fees where no exemption applies and the tax has been imposed by law.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

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Attachment:  P&NRD Proposed Fee Schedule_May 8, 2018.pdf
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