Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 1:30 p.m. - May 13, 2014
May 13, 2014 - Work Session (Afternoon)
Agenda Item #2

Parks and Natural Resources Fee Schedule


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Charlie Hunsicker, Director, x 6001

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Work Session - no action requested

  1. Receive staff presentation on future actions to revise and update the current fee schedule to be applicable to both former departments under the new Parks & Natural Resources Department.
  2. Review of proposed changes in the existing fee schedules for new activities where new programs have been created and fees do not yet exist. These include:
    1. Rental rates for primitive short-term cabin rentals at Jiggs Landing.
    2. Daily fees for Child Watch programs at G.T. Bray for Recreation Members utilizing our G.T. Bray facilities.
    3. "Silver Sneakers" fees for clay court tennis rentals not previously included in our "Silver Sneakers" recreation membership package.
    4. Monthly athletic field rental rate for Senior's Softball play, due to their predominate seasonal use of the fields.
    5. Daily Pass fees for admission to the G.T. Bray pool and/or G.T. Bray gymnasium on a trial basis through Labor Day, for the purpose of opening the facilities to users who we have found to be unwilling to pay a daily pass or an annual membership for their enjoyment of the entire facility.
  3. Following workshop discussion, staff proposes to return these five specific changes to one of seven current "in effect" rate resolutions on June 3 for approval of immediate application over the interim period of staff work to prepare a single rate resolution, combining all previous fee schedule rate resolutions into a single document.

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FS 125

Background Discussion

On October 8, 2013, the Park & Recreation and Natural Resources Departments merged, each with separate fee schedules.

Over the last four years, the Parks & Recreation Department has brought forward specific fees for activities and programs under individual fee schedule resolutions. This has created a fee structure which is the product of six separate fee schedule resolutions, making it somewhat difficult to administer and amend. (see attached)

With the merger of the Parks & Recreation Department and Natural Resources Department, a seventh fee rate resolution has been added. Some fees in the former Natural Resources Department rate resolution differ from the Parks & Natural Resources Department rates for substantially similar activities, such as picnic pavilion rentals, creating confusion for both staff and customers. 

Therefore, we propose  to undertake a significant rewrite of the current combination of seven fee rate resolutions over the next two months for continued review by the Board, leading to the adoption of a single department's rate resolution in the fall.

We are continuing to fine-tune our operations to meet the needs of the community in the most efficient way possible.  After reviewing all fees and benchmarking similar counties, we would like to revise fees accordingly to industry standards and adjust fees to help offset operation costs.

The department will combine and reorganize a master fee schedule, drawing the best and most practical format from many examples from across the country; with the goal of publishing the master fee schedule from one rate resolution, with a table of contents, and post on the county website.

Staff will also provide a brief update on the John H. Marble Park Pool.

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Attachment:  Work Session Presentation 051314 - Fee Schedule.pdf
Attachment:  P&NRD Current Master Fee Schedule.pdf
Attachment:  P&NRD - Proposed New Fees.pdf
Attachment:  Examples - Other Municipalities Publisched Fee Schedules.pdf
Attachment:  John H. Marble - Splash Into Summer Event.pdf
Attachment:  John H. Marble - Revitalization & Marketing Plan.pdf