Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - June 6, 2013
June 6, 2013 Land Use Meeting
Agenda Item #2

PDC-12-15(P) - U.S. 41 @ Pearl Avenue - Time Certain 9:00 am Item 7 - DTS#20120450 - Quasi-Judicial - Shelley Hamilton

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Shelley Hamilton


941-748-4501 ext. 6863

Action Requested


Based upon the staff report, evidence presented, comments made at the Public Hearing, the action of the Planning Commission, and finding the request to be CONSISTENT with the Manatee County Comprehensive Plan and the Manatee County Land Development Code, as conditioned herein, I move to ADOPT Manatee County Zoning Ordinance No. PDC-12-15(P); APPROVE the Preliminary Site Plan with Stipulations A.1-A.14; B.1; C.1-C.2; and D.1-D.2, as recommended by Planning Commission and staff.

Commissioner DiSabatino

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Manatee County Comprehensive Plan

Manatee County Land Development Code

Background Discussion
  • SLD- Sarasota LP (Joseph H. Harman) and Bonus Properties, Inc. has filed a Preliminary Site Plan application for commercial development on approximately 2.08 + acres zoned PDC (Planned Development\Commercial) on the northeast corner of U.S. 41 and Pearl Avenue, to develop the two parcels with commercial uses; Parcel “A” to be developed with a 7,250 square foot building, allowing the use to be General Retail Sales; Professional Offices; Banks, with or without Drive-Thru; Restaurants, with or without Drive Thru; Personal Service Establishments; and Parcel “B” to be developed with a 4,400 square foot convenience store with 8 gas pumps (with 16 fueling stations and a 4,720 foot dispenser).  The 2.08 acre site is located at the northeast corner of U.S. 41 and Pearl Avenue;


  • The site is designated R/O/R (Retail/Office/Residential) on the Future Land Use Map.  The property is also located Whitfield Residential Overlay; the Historical and Archaeological Overlay District; and Airport Impact Overlay District;


  • Since Planning Commission, the applicant has coordinated with the neighboring property owners to work out language that would address their concerns.  The revised language is shown in strike-through/underline below.  This language, originally submitted by a concerned neighbor, was reviewed by the applicant, is accepted by staff.  Staff believes that it does not represent language that would require the application to go back to the Planning Commission for consideration;


  • The site is in an “A-1” Flood Zone, and in the Bowless Creek Flood Insurance Study Profile area;


  • Water and Sanitary Sewer will be provided;


  • Staff recommends approval with stipulations,


  • On May 9, 2013, by a vote of 7 – 0, the Planning Commission recommended approval; and


  • A summary of the public comments heard at the May 9, 2013 Planning Commission public hearing is in the staff report attached to this memo.

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Written Comments available from Sarah Schenk.

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Please forward a copy of the executed document to bobbi.roy@mymanatee.org

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Attachment:  Maps - Future Land Use, Zoning and Aerial - US 41 at Pearl Avenue - PDC-12-15(P) - 6-6-13 BC.pdf
Attachment:  Copy of Newspaper Advertising - US 41 at Pearl Avenue - PDC-12-15(P) - 6-6-13 BC.pdf
Attachment:  Traffic Impact Analysis - US 41 at Pearl Aveneue - PDC-12-15(P) - 6-6-13 BC.pdf
Attachment:  Ordinance - US41 at Pearl Avenue - PDC-12-15(P) - 6-6-13 BC.pdf
Attachment:  Public Comments - U.S. 41 at Pearl Avenue - PDC-12-15(P) - 6-6-13 BC.pdf
Attachment:  Site Plan - U.S. 41 at Pearl Avenue - PDC-12-15(P) - 6-6-13 BOCC.pdf
Attachment:  Slideshow planning - U.S. 41 at Pearl Avenue - PDC-12-15(P) - 6-6-13 BC.pdf
Attachment:  Supplemental Information - FEMA Floodplain map - U.S. 41 at Pearl Avenue - PDC-12-15(P) - 6-6-13 BOCC.pdf
Attachment:  Staff Report - U.S. 41 at Pearl Avenue - PDC-12-15(P) - 6-6-13 BC.pdf