Manatee County Government Administrative Center Manatee Room, Fourth Floor 9:00 a.m. - January 31, 2017
January 31, 2017 - Work Session
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Charlie Hunsicker, Director Parks and Natural Resources

Nan Summers, Grants Coordinator, Parks and Natural Resources

Michael Elswick, Manager, Natural Resources Division, Department of Parks and Natural Resources

Rob Brown, Manager, Environmental Protection Division, Department of Parks and Natural Resources

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Background Discussion

This work session is for the purpose of informing the BCC of the status of the RESTORE Act funding and plans moving forward.  The following will be covered:


Workshop outcomes:

1.  Understand the origin of BP finds following the Deep Water Horizon catastrophic failure and oil spill.

2.  Understand the penalty fine dollar amounts available to states, local governments and research institutions to offset environmental and economic damages from the spill.

3.  Understand the timing of payments of the fines under a consolidation and settlement of BP, Transocean and Anadarko companies settlements of federal lawsuits resulting in a structured pay out over 15 years.

4.  Identify how Manatee County became eligible for approximately $6 million of restitution coming directly to the BCC, $14 million in restitution coming to the BCC as part of its membership in the Florida Consortium, and $2million in project grants from USEPA and the Department of Interior (NOAA) specifically set aside for continued work at Robinson Preserve.

5.  Understand the project administration and funding approval authority granted by the RESTORE Act to the US Treasury Department as the oversight/clearing house federal agency for the RESTORE Act; requiring submission of Implementation Plans for Treasury approval before funds can be spent by Manatee County.   

6.  Understand how Manatee County will meet the local government implementation plan requirements for public input using a web based portal for comments (Nan’s presentation).

7.  Understand how Manatee County will satisfy and participate in the state implantation plan requirements as a member of the 23 county Florida consortium.  Commissioner Whitmore serves as the Commission Delegate to this organization.

8.  Review previous board resolution and policy adopted in 2013 to prioritize expenditure of restitution funds for environmental projects and heritage tourism as provided for in the RESTORE Act, and review local projects proposals developed under these policies including a discussion of the Robinson Preserve project selected by the RESTORE Council with funding from USEPA and NOAA. 

9.  Discussion of next steps and their anticipated outcomes in implementing the RESTORE Act projects for Manatee County.

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