Manatee County Government Administrative Center Manatee Room, Fourth Floor 9:00 a.m. - January 31, 2017
January 31, 2017 - Work Session
Agenda Item #3

Opioid-focused Recovery ‘Peer Coach’ Pilot Program – State Funding Request


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Cheri Coryea, Director, Neighborhood Services

Joshua T. Barnett, Health Care Services Manager, Community Services Division, Neighborhood Services x 3978

Action Requested


Enabling/Regulating Authority
 Florida House Rule 5.14 Appropriations Project Bills

Background Discussion

Although treatment providers, researchers, and public administrators are attuned to the impact of opioid misuse and abuse in Manatee County, this has not yielded a significant impact in the reduction of abuse, the overdose death rate, or the frequency of child removal rates in our county. This multifactorial problem has reached epidemic proportions, according to the public health research community however accurate information is not routinely and/or effectively communicated to the public although Manatee County is of national and state focus. The community continues to seek already understood or new information as it relates to the epidemic.

In the recovery continuum, prevention, education, and treatment are all necessary components. In order to reduce the reactive treatment need, prevention and education need to be an established proactive priority in (1) the most impacted communities, (2) by those of that community, (3) with a messages of hope, resource, and education from their personal experiences and resilience which is based upon the “peer support / recovery coach” evidence-based practice. Manatee County has limited treatment and detox bed resources; without interjecting and disrupting this dependent pathway on these already limited treatment resources, Manatee County can anticipate continued or increased high demand along with risks for overdose. Evidence-based peer recovery coaching is a well-established, understood, and accepted low cost intervention with a significant return on investment. Primarily, their unique ability to relate to those in various stages of recovery by providing awareness and potential for recovery, supporting the addicted user to seek recovery or treatment support, and reducing or eliminating future adverse effects from future or continued use. Additionally, educating and promoting healthy and/or harm reduction alternative strategies to manage drug cravings and dependence for those seeking recovery. 

Manatee County has areas more impacted than others and a pilot program affording community-based outreach, intervention, and education from the recovery community would serve to increase awareness of hope, treatment, and health risks including death in those targeted areas. Manatee County Health Services Manager has compiled data to inform this pilot from many community partners including, but not limited to: EMS Services, County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Health, Central Florida Behavioral Health Network, Child Welfare, Acute Care/Behavioral Health Consortium of Manatee, Drug Free Manatee, Medical Examiner’s Office, Family Safety Alliance, the Florida Behavioral Health Association, and others. 

Staff will discuss a proposal to submit a legislative budget request seeking state funding for a pilot demonstration outreach project focused upon opioid and substance use disorder prevention, intervention, and education program utilizing the evidence-based practice of peer recovery support coaching, targeting neighborhoods most effected.

This request will need to be submitted no later than 2/2/2017, and will require approval in arrears at the BCC meeting on 2/7/2017 if supported in concept during the work session.

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Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

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Reviewing Attorney

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Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
$500,000 State of Florida

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs
Data-informed based upon results, annual projection

Attachment:  SMA Peer Coaching-4454.pdf