Manatee County Government Administrative Center
Commission Chambers, First Floor
9:00 a.m. - January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015 - Regular Meeting



MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (Betsy Benac, Chairman)
INVOCATION (The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.)
1. Invocation led by Shirley Fenton, Care Net Manasota


2. Employee of the Month - James Bacon
Attachment: bacon.pdf
Attachment: Bacon_EOM05292014134333.pdf

3. Recognize the Traffic Management Team for the Intelligent Transportation Society of Florida's 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award
4. Presentation of awards to Commissioners serving on various boards
Attachment: Gavel Awards.pdf


5. 2015 Manatee County Fair
Attachment: MCF2015-Logo.pdf
Attachment: 2015 MANATEE COUNTY FAIR (POSTER).pdf

REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda)
CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)
Clerk of Circuit Court

6. Clerk's Consent Agenda
Attachment: 01132015 Clerk's Consent Agenda.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - BC20141118.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - BC20141202.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - BC20141204.pdf
Attachment: Minutes - BC20141209.pdf
Attachment: Refund - Neal Communties $1147.00.pdf
Attachment: Refund - Neal Communites $1157.96.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release of Lien 3126.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release of Lien 4213.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release of Lien 5256.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release of Lien 5270.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release of Lien 5281.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release of Lien 5281 Paving.pdf
Attachment: Partial Release of Lien 5284.pdf
Attachment: Contract - Waste Haulers Liability Insurance.pdf
Attachment: Contract - ACA 2 Trailer Estates 3 Sewer Rehab.pdf


7. Steven Rupert v. Manatee County Sheriff's Office, workers' compensation claim; OJCC#14001884DBB * Palmer
Attachment: rupert.pdf

Building and Development Services

8. Jesus Cruz Code Enforcement Case Number CE2006100073
Attachment: BOCC Attachments 1-13-2015 Cruz.pdf

9. Resolution 15-10 - Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority Fire Department * Eschenfelder
Attachment: AirportFireMarshalDesignationRES revised .pdf
Attachment: 14-356 Designation of Fire Marshal for Airport Property.pdf

Community Services

10. FY 14/15 Non-Profit Agreement * Clague
Attachment: Salvation Army Family Shelter Agreement FY14-15.pdf

11. Repeal of Manatee County Mental Health and Substance Abuse Planning Council * Eschenfelder
Attachment: 15-08 RepealMentalHealthAdvisoryRES.pdf
Attachment: 14-362 Sunset of Mental Health Advisory Council.pdf

Financial Management

12. Change Order 3 to Work Assignment No. 24 for Additional Funds to Add Land Acquisition Services for the 45th Street East Roadway Improvements
Attachment: Department Memo - Change Order No. 3 to Work Assignment No. 24.pdf
Attachment: Change Order No. 3 to Work Assignment No. 24.pdf

13. Change Order 4 to Contract #12-1881DS, 9th Street E between 57th Ave E and 53rd Ave E
Attachment: Department Memorandum.pdf
Attachment: Change Order # 4.pdf

14. Change Order 4 to Work Assignment #1 Modification of Plans, Additional Post Design, and Optional Design Services for 44th Avenue East Roadway Improvements
Attachment: DepartmentalMemo.pdf
Attachment: CO#4toWA#1.pdf

15. FY15 Budget Amendment Resolutions
Attachment: B-15-025 Resolution_Narrative.pdf

16. IFB#14-3134CD: ABW Filter Rehabilitation at the Southwest Water Reclamation Facility
Attachment: BA Resolution B-15-027.pdf
Attachment: 14-3134CD Brandes Design-Build Contract.pdf
Attachment: 14-3134CD Departmental Recommendation.pdf
Attachment: 14-3134CD Tabulation.pdf

17. Lennar Homes / Heritage Harbour Ph II Credit Authorization and Final Authorization of Credit CA-14-04(T)
Attachment: Credit Auth CA-14-04 (T) - Lennar Homes - Heritage Harbour Ph II.pdf
Attachment: Final Auth of Cr CA-14-04 (T) - Lennar Homes - Heritage Harbour Ph II.pdf
Attachment: Wire Transfer Confirm from Finance.pdf
Attachment: Final EXE and RECORDED LDA OR BK 2535 PG 5795.pdf

18. RFP 13-1142BG: Construction Manager at Risk Services for Fleet Transit Facility Addendum - Acceptance of Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
Attachment: GMP Addendum Fleet Transit Facility.pdf

Parks and Natural Resources

19. Facility Fee Waiver - Palmetto Community Redevelopment Agency
Attachment: Multi Cultural Festival 1-16-15.pdf
Attachment: Resolution No R-14-173.pdf

Property Management

20. Conservation and Permanent Utilities Easement between Creekside Ranch Apartments, LLC, and Manatee County, PID#583202859 located at 11209 Ranch Creek Terrace, Lakewood Ranch, Florida * Clague
Attachment: Conservation Easement - Creekside Ranch Apartments.pdf
Attachment: Permanent Utilities Easement - Creekside Ranch Apartments.pdf
Attachment: Affidavit of O&E - Creekside Ranch Apartments.pdf
Attachment: Joinder and Consent - Synovus Bank.pdf
Attachment: Creekside Ranch Apts Location Map.pdf

21. Conservation Easement between Taylor Morrison of Florida, Inc., and Manatee County for property located in Esplanade III Subphases E, G & H, Bradenton, Florida PID 579901929
Attachment: Taylor Morrison of Florida Conservation Easement Executed.pdf
Attachment: Taylor Morrison of Florida Ownership and Encumbrances Executed.pdf
Attachment: SMR North 70, LLC Joinder and Consent Executed.pdf
Attachment: LWR Stewardship Consent to Conservation Easement .pdf
Attachment: EsplanadeIII Subph EGH Location Map.pdf

22. Memorandum of Agreement between Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Manatee County to install GPS reference stations in The Quattlebaum House and The Marine Rescue Building. * Adibe
Attachment: Memorandum of Agreement.pdf
Attachment: RLS-14-317.pdf

23. Permanent Sidewalk Easement between Kingsfield Lakes Homeowners Association and Manatee County for property located at Chin Road, Parrish, Florida 34219, PID 502109209, 502109259, and 502125609 * Adibe
Attachment: Kingsfield Lakes Permanent Sidewalk Easement.pdf
Attachment: Kingsfield Lakes Affidavit of Ownership and Encumbrances.pdf
Attachment: Kingsfield Lakes Sidewalk Easement RLS Memorandum.pdf
Attachment: Kingsfield Lakes Ph1 HOA Esmt. loc. map.pdf

24. Permanent Utilities Easement and Temporary Construction Easement between R H Holdings Bradenton, LLC and Manatee County for property located at 4808 14th Street West, Bradenton, Florida 34207, PID 5473300100
Attachment: R H Holdings Bradenton, LLC- Permanent Utilities Easement.pdf
Attachment: R H Holdings Bradenton, LLC, Temporary Construction Easement.pdf
Attachment: R H Holdings Bradenton, LLC, Affidavit of Ownership and Encumbrances.pdf
Attachment: R H Holdings, LLC, Executed FP&L Subordination.pdf
Attachment: PicTown Waterline Project Parcel 815 Location Map.pdf
Attachment: PicTown Waterline Project Parcel 715 Location Map.pdf

25. Permanent Utilities Easement between Cortez Avenue, LLC and Manatee County for property located at 4515 26th Street West, Bradenton, Florida 34207, PID 519890002
Attachment: Cortez Avenue LLC Permanent Utilities Easement.pdf
Attachment: Cortez Avenue LLC Affidavit of Ownership & Encumbrances.pdf
Attachment: Cortez Avenue LLC Joinder & Consent.pdf
Attachment: Gates of Bradenton UE- Loc Map.pdf

26. Permanent Utilities Easement between George Marinos Kokolis, Wendy Nordstrom Kokolis, and Manatee County for property located at 109 9th Street North, Bradenton Beach, Florida 34217, PID 7710200002
Attachment: Gulf Drive Cafe- Permanent Utilities Easement - George Kokolis.pdf
Attachment: Gulf Drive Cafe- Permanent Utilities Easement - Wendy Kokolis.pdf
Attachment: Gulf Drive Cafe Affidavit - George Kokolis.pdf
Attachment: Gulf Drive Cafe Affidavit - Wendy Kokolis.pdf
Attachment: Gulf Drive Cafe Location Map.pdf
Attachment: Gulf Drive Cafe Notary Certification.pdf

27. Utility Easement from Manatee County to Florida Power & Light Company for property located at 314 8th Street West, Bradenton, Florida 34205, PID 3289600052 and PID 3287300003
Attachment: Chiller Plant FPL Easement with Exhbit A.pdf
Attachment: Chiller - FPL Esmt downtown - Loc Map.pdf

Public Safety

28. EMS Billing Adjustments - November 2014
Attachment: November 2014.pdf

29. Write Off Uncollectible EMS Ambulance User Fees - November 2014
Attachment: November 2014 ATT A.pdf
Attachment: November 2014 ATT B.pdf
Attachment: November 2014 ATT C.pdf

30. Hazard Analysis Contract * Sikora
Attachment: HazMat Grant Agrmt.pdf
Attachment: HazMat Grant Res'l .pdf
Attachment: RLS Response.pdf
Attachment: B-15-028 Hazmat Grant.pdf

31. Longboat Key Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity 2015 * Palmer
Attachment: LBK 2014 COPCN Letter of request.pdf
Attachment: Longboat Key COPCN RLS 2015.pdf
Attachment: LBK Resolution R 15 006 2015.pdf
Attachment: Longboat Key COPCN 2015 Certificate.pdf
Attachment: LBK 2014 back up ordinace 91-73.pdf

Public Works

32. American Legion Kirby Stewart Post #24, Inc. a/k/a American Legion * Clague
Attachment: American Legion Sidewalk - Release and Cancellation of Agreement .pdf
Attachment: CAO Review finding No Objections to Release and Cancellation Agreement 01082015.pdf
Attachment: American Legion Sidewalk - Release and Cancellation of Agreement (executed).pdf

33. Memorandum of Agreement with Florida Department of Transportation for InSync and BlueToad Systems on University Parkway * Adibe
Attachment: SchulhoferR_FDOT MOA_Insync & Blue Toad Equipment along University Parkway_14-280.pdf
Attachment: 435834 Manatee MOA University Pkwy Final.pdf

34. Surplus Equipment
Attachment: Surplus List 1-13-15.pdf
Attachment: R-15-011.pdf
Attachment: R-15-012.pdf
Attachment: R-15-013.pdf
Attachment: Reconciliation Items 1-13-15.pdf

35. Motion to Approve Consent Agenda

Building and Development Services

36. Construction Trades Board (CTB)
Attachment: Ord. 14-33 Construction Trades Board Rules.pdf
Attachment: Construction Trades Board Application.pdf

Community Services

37. Children's Services Advisory Board Appointment
Attachment: CSAB Stacey Carollo App.pdf
Attachment: CSAB George Kenworthy App.pdf
Attachment: CSAB Charmian Miller App.pdf
Attachment: CSAB Allen Morrell App.pdf
Attachment: CSAB Melton Little App.pdf
Attachment: CSAB Turner Barbara Grace APP.pdf
Attachment: 20142015 CSAB Membership List 121514.pdf
Attachment: Matrix of Child Advocate Candidates for Appointment.pdf

PORT AUTHORITY (Carol Whitmore, Chairman)
D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)

38. Juror Parking Costs * Eschenfelder
Attachment: JurorParkingRepealORD.pdf
Attachment: JurorParkingCostsRES.pdf
Attachment: Proof of Publication - Ordinance 15-02.pdf

Building and Development Services

39. LDA-14-02 - Local Development Agreement for Willow Walk LLC/Willow Walk - DTS20140321 - Quasi-Judicial - Sia Mollanazar and Clarke Davis * Clague
Attachment: Maps - Future Land Use, Zoning and Aerial with Zoomed in and out - Willow Walk LDA - LDA-14-02 - 1-8-2015 BC.pdf
Attachment: Legal Description-N. Portion of RR ROW.pdf
Attachment: Legal Description-S. Portion.pdf
Attachment: WW PSP 07-07-14.pdf
Attachment: WW SS-ALTERNATIVE LDA--.pdf
Attachment: Copy of Newspaper Advertising - Willow Walk LDA - LDA-14-02 - Bradenton Herald - 12-8-2015 BC.pdf
Attachment: Copy of Newspaper Advertising - Willow Walk LDA - LDA-14-02 - Sarasota Herald Tribune - 12-8-2015 BC.pdf
Attachment: Willow Walk LDA 12-31-14 Version (CAO Draft II).pdf

E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled)
Public Safety

40. Interlocal Agreements between Manatee County and the Cities of Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, and Anna Maria Island
Attachment: INTERLOCAL.AM.pdf
Attachment: RLS.pdf
Attachment: Interlocal Agrmt BtonBch.pdf
Attachment: Interlocal.Holmes.Bch PD.pdf

Information Technology

41. Manatee County Government Email Migration


The Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County, Florida, does not discriminate upon the basis of any individual's disability status. This non-discrimination policy involves every aspect of the Board's functions including one's access to, participation in, employment with, or treatment in its programs or activities. Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation for this meeting as provided for in the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact Kaycee Ellis at 742-5800; TDD ONLY 742-5802, wait 60 seconds; FAX 745-3790.

The Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County and the Manatee County Port Authority may elect not to convene, if no business is scheduled; however, each reserves the right to take action on any matter during its meeting, including items not set forth within this agenda. The Chair of each governing body at his/her option may take business out of order if he/she determines that such a change in the schedule will expedite the business of the governing body.

PUBLIC NOTICE: According to Florida Statutes, Section 286.0105, any person desiring to appeal any decision made by the Board of County Commissioners (or the other entities that are meeting) with respect to any matter considered at said public hearing/meeting will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purposes may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.