Manatee County Government Administrative Center First Floor, Chambers February 5, 2015 9:00 am to be recessed to 10:00 am
February 5, 2015 Land Use Meeting
Agenda Item #2

Utility Work By Highway Contractor Agreement (at FDOT Expense)

Briefing Provided Upon Request

Contact and/or Presenter Information

Sia Mollanazar, P.E., Deputy Director - Engineering Services, Public Works Dept.

Ext. 7487

Action Requested
Authorization for the Chairman to execute the Utility Work By Highway Contractor Agreement (UWHCA), (at  FDOT Expense). 

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Manatee County desire to enter into a joint agreement pursuant to Section 337.403(1)(b), Florida Statutes for Utility Work to be accomplished by the FDOT's contractor as part of the construction of the project.

Background Discussion

The FDOT is constructing, reconstructing, or otherwise changing a portion of a public road, identified as I-75 and University Parkway.  Manatee County owns certain utility facilities which are located within the limits of the Project. The project requires the relocation of these facilities.

  • Improvements involve the construction of a Diverging Diamond Interchange at I-75 and University Parkway.
  • The construction of the project has been expedited in order to achieve completion prior to the 2017 World Rowing Championship.
  • Construction of the project and relocation of utilities will be funded by FHWA (Federal Highway Administration.
  • Execution of the UWHC Agreement by Manatee County is required for FDOT to receive Federal Funds for the Utility relocation.
  • Utility relocation cost estimate is $3.5M paid by FDOT.
  • Manatee County paid for Design services through a Work Assignment with HDR.

County Attorney Review
Other (Requires explanation in field below)

Explanation of Other

Andrea Adibe of the County Attorney's office has been reviewing this matter with counsel from FDOT.  Several of the requested changes have been approved by FDOT.   Final Draft has been completed and will be provided along with the attorney's final memo prior to this Land Use meeting.  Time is of the essence with regards to executing this agreement to make sure we obtain all possible grant monies.

Reviewing Attorney

Instructions to Board Records

** This item needs to be executed immediately, staff is to Fed Ex the document on February 5th for receipt by FDOT February 6th.**

Please submit four (4) signed originals of the Utility Work By Highway Contractor  Agreement, and one (1) signed Resolution Utility Agreement to Barbara Green, Fiscal Services Manager, Public Works Department.   Extension 7355

Cost and Funds Source Account Number and Name
$265,720.00 / 402 Utility Maintenance Projects

Amount and Frequency of Recurring Costs

Attachment:  Resolution_ UWHCA.pdf
Attachment:  DRAFT_UWHCA.pdf