Manatee County Government Administrative Center Honorable Patricia M. Glass Commission Chambers 9:00 a.m. - December 10, 2019
December 10, 2019 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #81

Health Care Advisory Board: End of Year Summary Report


Contact and/or Presenter Information

Joshua T. Barnett, Health Care Services Manager, Ext. 3978
Health Care Advisory Board Liaison

James Nguyen, MD
Health Care Advisory Board Chair

Ava Ehde, Neighborhood Services Department Director, Ext. 3974

Action Requested

In matters pertaining to 2018/19 Health Care services:

  1. The Board is to receive an end of year summary report from the Board's appointed Health Care Advisory Board (HCAB) with the assistance of HCAB Liaison staff.

In matters pertaining to FY 2019/20 and FY 2020/21 Health Care services:

  1. Approve the 2019/20 Non-Funding Recommendations for Health Care services for the medically needy from the Board's appointed Health Care Advisory Board.
  2. The Board may provide the appointed Health Care Advisory Board with additional evaluative or other advisory tasks as determined necessary by the County Commission, to provide the Board of County Commissioners with future recommendations.

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Resolution R-17-035: Health Care Advisory Board
Florida Statutes Chapter 125: County Government

Background Discussion

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) established a Health Care Advisory Board on November 3, 2015. The County Commission has received recommendations from its appointed Health Care Advisory Board on February 7, 2017, related to funding; April 4, 2017, to revise and replace the existing resolution; and a two-year budget recommendation presentation on September 11, 2018. This presentation is to provide an end of year summary report and non-budgetary recommendations.

1. Health Care Advisory Board

Resolution R-17-035 defined an appointed Health Care Advisory Board. The appointed Board presents to the Board of County Commissioners its FY18/19 end of year summary and FY19/20 non-funding recommendations as it pertains specifically to Section 2 Purposes and Duties items B and E, as a result of activities associated with duties outlined herein:

A. Evaluate, monitor and discuss the healthcare system in Manatee County including physical health, behavioral health and substance abuse, emerging state and federal legislation and policies that will have a direct or indirect impact on Manatee County.

B. Make recommendations to the BOCC that represent the consensus of the Advisory Board regarding the funding of services for healthcare for the medically needed in this community.

C. Review evidence-based practices and programs, as well as data available related to healthcare in Manatee County to determine how available resources may be maximized and new resources engaged to enhance the long-term health and quality of life for Manatee County citizens.

D. Perform such other evaluative or other advisory tasks as the County Commission may, from time to time, refer to it.

E. The Advisory Board does not have the authority to "self-assign" projects, issues or initiatives not referred to it by the BOCC, nor take any policy position in the name of the County. The Advisory Board shall present its work product to the County Commission primarily through the delivery of written reports to the Commission, and where appropriate, through presentation to the Commission in a live setting.

F. To the extent such resources are available to it, the Advisory Board may be assisted in these duties by County staff, consultants and other sources.

G. The County shall assign one or more County employees with suitable knowledge and background to serve as the County's staff liaison to the Advisory Board. The County Attorney shall ensure the Advisory Board is provided with necessary legal advice.

2. Health Care Services:

Annually, the Board of County Commissioners determines the level of assistance/support to medically needy citizens of Manatee County, primarily within the two-year budgetary process, and through the provision of the following types of health care programs and services:

  • Mandated Health Care Services
  • County Administered Programs
  • For Profit Health Care Services
  • Not-for-Profit Agencies

Staff has reviewed and monitored Health Care programs throughout the year in accordance with agreements for such services, and has worked closely with the State through the Low Income Pool (LIP) program.

County Attorney Review
Not Reviewed (No apparent legal issues)

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Attachment:  R17-035 signed.pdf
Attachment:  Final BOCC Recommendations Review 20192020.pdf
Attachment:  2019 HCAB End of Year Summary.pdf