Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - December 1, 2015
December 1, 2015 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #11

Rescission of outdated risk management resolution

Briefing Provided Upon Request

Contact and/or Presenter Information
County Attorney Mitchell Palmer and/or Risk Manager Linda Klasing, extension 3750.

Action Requested
Motion to adopt Resolution 15-189, rescinding Resolution 93-223.

Enabling/Regulating Authority
Section 768.28, Florida Statutes

Background Discussion

Manatee County is self-insured as permitted by Florida law.  The County facilitates the operation of its self-insurance program through a Risk Management Division, which is a part of the County Attorney's Office.

In 1993, the Manatee County Commission adopted Resolution 93-223 to provide for a variety of procedures associated with the operation of the Risk Management Division.  However, that resolution has become outdated.

Years after its adoption of the 1993 resolution, the County Commission adopted the current version of the Manatee County Self-Insurance Ordinance.  This ordinance, among other things, empowers the Manatee County Risk Manager to develop and revise from time to time such procedures as may be needed to implement the self-insurance program.  Based on this authority, the Risk Manager has developed over time various procedures and practices to keep pace with current insurance practices and requirements of the Clerk of Court's Finance Division.

The 1993 procedures resolution has not been utilized by Risk Management for many years and they no longer bear any resemblance to the current operation of the Division.  In some cases, the 1993 procedures are no longer even supported by Florida law or the County Code.

Based on the foregoing, the County Attorney's Office is recommending that the Board of County Commissioners rescind the 1993 resolution and continue to allow the Risk Manager, subject to the County Attorney’s oversight, to develop, maintain and periodically revise operational procedures for how the Division conducts its business administratively.

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Instructions to Board Records
Please provide an executed copy of  the resolution to Risk Manager Linda Klasing.

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Attachment:  Risk Mgt Procedure Repeal Resolution.pdf