Manatee County Government Administrative Center Commission Chambers, First Floor 9:00 a.m. - August 7, 2014
August 7, 2014 Land Use Meeting
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PDR-13-41(P) - HBT of Eagle Pointe, LLC/Eagle Pointe - DTS20130400 - B00000242 - Quasi-Judicial - Margaret Tusing

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Margaret Tusing

Principal Planner

941-748-4501 ext. 6828

Action Requested


Based upon the staff report, evidence presented, comments made at the Public Hearing, the action of the Planning Commission, and finding the request to be CONSISTENT with the Manatee County Comprehensive Plan and the Manatee County Land Development Code, as conditioned herein, I move to ADOPT Manatee County Zoning Ordinance No. PDR-13-41; APPROVE the Preliminary Site Plan with Stipulations A.1-A.7, B.1-B.3, C.1-C.4, and D.1-D.9; MAKE a Specific that the multi-family buildings in Phases VI and VII exceeding 35-feet in height are consistent with Section 603.7.4.9 of the Land Development Code in that the development, as approved and stipulated, is compatible with the surrounding area and will not create any external impacts that would adversely affect surrounding development or the entranceway; GRANT Special Approval for a project: 1) in the UF-3 FLUC with a gross residential density exceeding one (1) dwelling unit per acre and a net residential density exceeding three (3) dwelling units per acre, 2) adjacent to a perennial lake or stream, 3) located within the Entranceway; ADOPT the Findings for Specific Approval; and GRANT Specific Approval of alternatives to Land Development Code Sections 604.10.3.3(f) (Design Standards for North Central Overlay District Landscaping Buffers) and 714.8.7 (Replacement Tree Standards), as recommended by the Planning Commission.

Commissioner Gallen

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Manatee County Comprehensive Plan

Manatee County Land Development Code

Background Discussion

1. Ms. Diane Chadwick, AICP, of Stantec Consulting Services, Inc., agent for the owner, is requesting approval of a Preliminary Site Plan for 1,600 residential units consisting of 740 single family detached units, 260 single family attached units, and 600 multi-family units.  The site is approximately 680 acres and is located on the east side of Carter Road, north of Moccasin Wallow Road, and south of Buckeye Road.

2. The site is located in the UF-3 (Urban Fringe, 3 dwelling units per acre).  The project’s gross density is 2.4 du/ac.

3.  The project requires Special Approval for:  projects located in UF-3 exceeding 1 du/ac (gross) and 3 du/ac(net); project adjacent to a perennial lake or stream; and project located within the Entranceway.  Staff recommends support of the Special Approval Request.

4. Staff is requesting and supporting Specific Approvals to reduce replacement tree sizes.  The Applicant is requesting Specific Approval to the Buffer in North Central Overlay (NCO).  Staff supports this request because the purpose of the berm and wall is to mitigate noise impacts along I-75 and recommends that the wall and at least 75% of the berm be setback a minimum of 50-feet from Carter Road so that the required landscaping can meet NCO standards.

5. This site was previously approved for 1,072 homes.  The Applicant is requesting the increase to provide a wider variety of housing types within the development:  single family detached, attached, and semi-detached as well as multi-family.

6. The project provides 310.5 acres of open space, exceeding the requirements for a project located in the Entranceway.

7. Project access is from Moccasin Wallow Road and Carter Road.

8. On June 12, 2014, by a vote of 5 – 0, the Planning Commission recommended approval.

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William Clague reviewed and responded by email on June 2, 2014.

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Please forward a copy of the executed document to and letter from the Florida Department of State to bobbi.roy@mymanatee.org

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