Manatee County Government Administrative Building First Floor, Chambers August 3, 2017 - 9:00 am
August 3, 2017 - Land Use Meeting
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Z-17-02 - Fink/Nadeau Rezone - 20170125 - Quasi-Judicial - Barney Salmon, Planner

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   Barney Salmon, Planner, 941-748-4501 ext. 6902


   Bobbi Roy, Planning Coordinator, 941-748-4501 ext. 6878

Action Requested


Based upon the staff report, evidence presented, comments made at the Public Hearing, the action of the Planning Commission, and finding the request to be CONSISTENT with the Manatee County Comprehensive Plan and the Manatee County Land Development Code, I move to ADOPT Manatee County Zoning Ordinance No. Z-17-02, as recommended by the Planning Commission.

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Enabling/Regulating Authority

Manatee County Comprehensive Plan

Manatee County Land Development Code

Background Discussion

• Misty Servia – King Engineering, applicant, is requesting a rezone of approximately 2.4 acres of a 7.4± acre property from A (General Agriculture) to the A-1 (Agriculture Suburban) zoning district. The site is located on the south side of 25th Street East, generally 1,900 feet west of 104th Avenue East, commonly known as 9703 25th Street East, Parrish in the North Central Overlay (NCO) Overlay District.

• The site is rectangular in shape and extends from 25th Street East to the Manatee River.

• The overall 7.4± acre property is within the UF-3 (Urban Fringe 3 units per acre) Future Land Use Category (FLUC).  The range of potential uses include: suburban or urban density planned residential development with integrated residential support uses as part to such developments, retail wholesale or office commercial uses with function in the marketplace as neighborhood or community serving, short-term agricultural uses, agriculturally-compatible residential uses, farmworker housing, public or semi-public uses, schools, low intensity recreation uses, and appropriate retail, wholesale or office commercial uses which function in the market place as neighborhood community, or region-serving. Also  residential  uses, lodging  places,  public  or  semi-public  uses,  schools, recreational uses, appropriate water-dependent/water-related/water-enhanced uses. These UF-3 areas include the establishment for a low density urban, or clustered low-moderate density urban residential environment.

• Staff recommends approval

• On July 13, 2017, by a vote of 7 – 0, the Planning Commission recommended approval.

• A summary of the public comment heard at the July 13, 2017 Planning Commission public hearing is in the staff report attached to this memo.

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Sarah Schenk reviewed and responded by email to Matter 2017-0327 on June 16, 2017.

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Please forward a copy of the executed document to bobbi.roy@mymanatee.org

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