Manatee County Government Administrative Center Manatee Room, Fourth Floor 1:30 p.m. - August 25, 2016
August 25, 2016 - Work Session
Agenda Item #2

Proposed Special Events Ordinance Review

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Karen Windon, Deputy County Administrator

Robert M. Eschenfelder, Chief Assistant County Attorney

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Florida Statutes

Background Discussion

The Sheriff had expressed concerns with the existing process for permitting special events and asked that the county consider a revised process to better look at safety and security concerns.

To that end staff worked with the Sheriff's Office to determine the concerns and the opportunities to have a better management of the increasing number of special events.

The County Attorney's Office drafted an ordinance which takes into account both traditional special events (those which have been pre-planned) as well as pop-up events resulting from social media, and a working group has provided significant input related to the implications of the ordinance components.

Rather than requiring a land use permit as has been the case in the existing process, a separate permit will be required that delineates the pre-planning components of the event incorporating traffic, parking, safety, security, ingress and egress, sanitation, and lighting among others. The draft ordinance also delineates the fee schedule associated with such a permit.

The draft ordinance also details the approval or denial process, the appeal process, exclusions, cleanup, post-event reviews, enforcement, and penalties.

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Ordinance was drafted by Chief Assistant County Attorney Robert M. Eschenfelder

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