Manatee County Government Administrative Center First Floor, Chambers - Work Session 8:30 A.M. Meeting 9:00 A.M.
April 9, 2015 Planning Commission Agenda
Agenda Item #4

Land Development Code Rewrite-Phase I-Legislative-Patricia Tygeski, Littlejohn Consultants

Briefing Provided Upon Request

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Patricia Tyjeski

Littlejohn Consultants



Lisa Barrett

Planning Manager

941-748-4501 ext. 6884


John Osborne

Planning Official

941-748-4501 ext. 6825

Action Requested

Recommended Motion:

Based upon the staff report, evidence presented, comments made at the public hearing, and finding the request to be CONSISTENT with the Manatee County Comprehensive Plan, as conditioned herein, I move to recommend ADOPTION of Manatee County Ordinance 15-17.

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Section 163.3202, Florida Statute

Manatee County Comprehensive Plan

Background Discussion

• The current Manatee County Land Development Code (LDC) was adopted on July 25, 1990. The Land Development Code is enacted pursuant to Section 163.3202 of the Florida Statutes and its purpose is to implement the Comprehensive Plan of the County.
• Since 1990, the LDC has only been updated incrementally, never reviewed and updated holistically.  The current LDC is very large (900+ pages) and cumbersome to use and implement. Many subjects and key regulatory information are not logically organized.
• Staff recommends updating the LDC to bring it up-to-date with current policy, trends, and changes that have been made within Manatee County over the last few decades. 
• Given the size and complex nature of the document, it was decided that a phased approach to the changes would make the update easier to understand.
• The first phase is considered a major “housecleaning” primarily targeted at reorganizing and better clarifying the language and regulations in the LDC.
• This first phase includes taking language out of the LDC that is not specifically zoning or land use related and moving it into a Public Works Manual or into a Property Maintenance Code. 
o The proposed Public Works Manual will be heard by the Board of County Commission for final action at the same hearing as the LDC Update (Ord. 15-17). 
o The Property Maintenance Code will be heard by the Board of County Commission for final action on April 2nd, 2015.
• To help assist staff with the LDC update, Manatee County retained Littlejohn Engineering Associates in March 2011.  Littlejohn staff are experienced experts in Land Development Code creation, updates and rewrites.
• In March 2014, Littlejohn and County Staff conducted a multi-day work-session with the Board of County Commission and the Planning Commission to discuss the proposed changes to the LDC.  Littlejohn, County Staff, and Board members reviewed the proposed edits for Phase I and identified revisions that were better suited to be dealt with in Phase II or future phases of the LDC rewrite.  As already stated, Phase I is mainly a clean-up of the LDC and the more substantive changes will occur with later phases.
• Phase I update consists of major “housecleaning” items, including:
o Reorganization (moved, consolidated, deleted repetitive language).
o Deletion of some titles and added others for consistency purposes.
o Updating LDC cross-references.  Deleted cross-references where deemed unnecessary. Generalized where possible to avoid ending up with wrong cross-references in the future (e.g. as required in Chapter 5, instead of as required in Section 504.3.2).
o Updating cross-references to Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Code, and other documents.
o References to departments and staff changed to “Department Director”, which is defined as County Administrator designee.
o Made modifications to reflect current practice.
• The following documents are included in this agenda as attachments:
1. Staff Report
2. Memo – Summary of Changes from Littlejohn Consultants
3. Ordinance 15-17
4. Exhibit A-1 to Ord-15-17, Chapter 1 – General Provisions
5. Exhibit A-2 to Ord-15-17, Chapter 2 – Definitions
6. Exhibit A-3 to Ord-15-17, Chapter 3 – Review Authority and Procedures
7. Exhibit A-4 to Ord-15-17, Chapter 4 – Zoning
8. Exhibit A-5 to Ord-15-17, Chapter 5 – Standards for Accessory and Specific Uses and Structures
9. Exhibit A-6 to Ord-15-17, Chapter 6 – Signs
10. Exhibit A-7 to Ord-15-17, Chapter 7 – Environmental and Cultural Resource Protection
11. Exhibit A-8 to Ord-15-17, Chapter 8 – Engineering Design and Utilities
12. Exhibit A-9 to Ord-15-17, Chapter 9 – Design Guidelines
13. Exhibit A-10 to Ord-15-17, Chapter 10 – Transportation Management
14. Exhibit A-11 to Ord-15-17, Chapter 11 – Impact Fees
15. Index Sorted by Old Numbering
16. Legend for Strike-thru/underline changes
17. Strike-thru/underline of all chapters  

• Staff recommends approval of the revisions as proposed.

County Attorney Review
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William Clague reviewed and responded by e-mail on February 24, and March 2, 2015

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Attachment:  Staff Report- Land Development Code Rewrite-Phase I.pdf
Attachment:  Memo from Littejohn - LDC Rewrite-Phase I-04-09-15PC.pdf
Attachment:  Ordinance Land Development Code Rewrite-Phase I-04-09-15PC.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit A-1 Ch1_GenProv_v20_CLEAN.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit A-2 Ch2_Definitions_v35_CLEAN.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit A-3 Ch3_RevAuthProcedures_v75_CLEAN.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit A-4 Ch4_Zoning_v61_CLEAN.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit A-5 Ch5_AccesSpecUses_v66_CLEAN.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit A-6 Ch6_Signs_v16_CLEAN.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit A-7 Ch7_EnvCultResProt_v24_CLEAN.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit A-8 Ch8_EngrDesUtilities_v57_CLEAN.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit A-9 Ch9_DesGuide_v20_CLEAN.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit A-10 Ch10_TransMgt_v50_CLEAN.pdf
Attachment:  Exhibit A-11 Ch11_ImpctFee_v17_CLEAN.pdf
Attachment:  Ch1_GenProv_v20_COMMENTS.pdf
Attachment:  Ch2_Definitions_v35_COMMENTS.pdf
Attachment:  Ch3_RevAuthProcedures_v75_COMMENTS.pdf
Attachment:  Ch4_Zoning_v61_COMMENTS.pdf
Attachment:  Ch5_AccesSpecUses_v66_COMMENTS.pdf
Attachment:  Ch6_Signs_v16_COMMENTS.pdf
Attachment:  Ch7_EnvCultResProt_v24_COMMENTS.pdf
Attachment:  Ch8_EngrDesUtilities_v57_COMMENTS.pdf
Attachment:  Ch9_DesGuide_v20_COMMENTS.pdf
Attachment:  Ch10_TransMgt_v50_COMMENTS.pdf
Attachment:  Ch11_ImpctFee_v17_COMMENTS.pdf
Attachment:  Legend for Strike-thru-underline of changes-LDC Rewrite Phase I-04-09-15PC.pdf
Attachment:  Index Sorted by Old Numbering-LDC Rewrite-Phase I-04-09-15PC.pdf
Attachment:  Copy of Newspaper Advertising - LDC Rewrite Phase 1 - Ordinance 15-17 - Bradenton Herald - 4-9-15 PC.pdf
Attachment:  Copy of Newspaper Advertising - LDC Rewrite Phase 1 - Ordinance 15-17 - Sarasota Herald Tribune - 4-9-15 PC.pdf