Manatee County Government Administrative Building First Floor Chambers 9:00 am - April 5, 2018
April 5, 2018 Land Use Meeting
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PDR-17-19(Z)(P) SMR Northeast, LLC/Cresswind 20170260, Quasi-Judicial, Rossina Leider, Principal Planner

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   Rossina Leider, Principal Planner, 941-748-4501 ext. 6859


   Bobbi Roy, Senior Planning & Zoning Tech/Planning Coordinator

   941-748-4501 ext. 6878  

Action Requested


Based upon the staff report, evidence presented, comments made at the Public Hearing, the action of the Planning Commission, and finding the request to be CONSISTENT with the Manatee County Comprehensive Plan and the Manatee County Land Development Code, as conditioned herein, I move to APPROVE Manatee County Zoning Ordinance No. PDR-17-19(Z)(P); APPROVE a Preliminary Site Plan with Stipulations A.1–A.6, B.1–B.3, C.1–C.6 and D.1-D.3; GRANT Special Approval for a project: 1) exceeding a gross density of 1.0 dwelling unit per acre in the MU-C/AC-3 and the MU-C/R FLUCs, 2) adjacent to a perennial stream, 3) partially within the Watershed Protection Evers Overlay District, and 4) partially within the Special Treatment Overlay District; ADOPT the Findings for Specific Approval; and GRANT Specific Approval of an alternative to Land Development Code Section 402.7.D.7 (to allow a reduction of the front yard setback); as recommended by the Planning Commission.

(Commissioner Baugh)

Enabling/Regulating Authority

Manatee County Comprehensive Plan

Manatee County Land Development Code

Background Discussion

• Mr. Don Neu, AICP, NeuMorris LLC, agent for the property owner, is requesting approval of a:

- Rezone of approximately 249.58 acres from A/WP-E/ST (General Agriculture/Watershed Protection Evers/Special Treatment Overlay Districts) to the PDR (Planned Development Residential/Watershed Protection Evers/Special Treatment Overlay Districts), and

- Preliminary Site Plan for 651 lots for single-family detached and single-family semi-detached residences.

• The vacant site is located west of the Future Development Area Boundary (FDAB) and adjacent to the future alignment of Bourneside Boulevard, approximately 1.5 miles north of SR 70, 1.5 miles east of Lorraine Road and 1.3 miles south of SR 64.

• The site is part of a ±6,595-acre property, identified as the Northeast Quadrant, which is designated within the MU-C (Mixed Use-Community) FLUC. Specifically, the project area is within the MU-C/R (Mixed Use-Community/Residential) and MU-C/AC-3 (Mixed Use – Community/ Activity Center Level 3) Future Land Use Categories (FLUCs), and partially within the WP-E (Watershed Protection Evers) and ST (Special Treatment) Overlay Districts.

• The Preliminary Site Plan proposes:

- A gated community with three (3) access points along designated collector roadways: Uihlein Road (main entrance), Rangeland Parkway (secondary entrance), and Bourneside Boulevard (reserved for residents only).  

- Lots located along both sides of 24 feet wide internal roadways (70-foot wide R-O-W for the main boulevard, and 61 feet wide for secondary local streets). Sidewalks are proposed on both sides of the streets (5-foot wide except along the north side of the main boulevard that is designed to provide a 10-foot wide sidewalk), as well as green space (with a variable width) between the sidewalks and the roadway.

- Four (4) dead-end-streets (two cul-de-sacs and two hammerheads turn-around) less than 800 feet in length, in compliance with LDC Section 1001.4.D.1.

- Minimum lot size of 5,200 sq. ft. (40’ x 130’), 6,500 sq. ft. (50’ x 130’) and 7,800 sq. ft. (60’ x 130’).  The 40 feet wide lots could be for single-family detached, single-family semi-detached units or a combination of both types units.

- A gross and net density of 2.61 and 2.78 dwelling units per acre respectively.

- A 50-foot wide roadway buffer along Uihlein Road, Rangeland Parkway, and Bourneside Boulevard (west, south, and east boundaries respectively), and a 50-foot wide wetland buffer along the north property boundary (greenbelt landscape buffer is not applicable).

- Stormwater management and floodplain compensation are provided.

- No impacts to wetlands or wetland buffer are proposed.

- 114.26 acres of open space (46% of the site) exceeding the minimum requirement for a project within the Watershed Overlay District (35% minimum).

- A recreational center (5.2 acres) on the western portion of the site. Optional recreational amenities have been proposed as “neighborhood focal point” (clubhouse, pool, fitness center, and sport courts).

• At the present time, there is no available potable water, wastewater, or roadway infrastructure to serve the proposed development. However, a Master Infrastructure Plan (transportation & utilities) for the Northeast Quadrant has been submitted by the Lakewood Ranch Stewardship District to the Public Works Department and is currently under review:

- The timing and terms under which the roads will be constructed is a subject of pending Local Development Agreement LDA-17-01 for the Northeast Quadrant.  Based on the current activities of the District and the provisions of the LDA, required thoroughfare access and circulation roads are expected to be available concurrent with the needs of Cresswind development.

- Prior to Final Site Plan approval, the applicant shall demonstrate compliance with the County’s Wastewater System Master Plan approved by the BOCC, and all applicable regulations and provisions of the Land Development Code and the Comprehensive Plan. 

• The proposed use (planned development residential with integrated recreational areas) is in compliance with the provisions of the Manatee County Comprehensive Plan (Policies and for a project within the MU-C/R and MU-C/AC-3 FLUCs.

• Special Approval is required to be granted by the Board of County Commissioners for a project:

- Exceeding a gross density of 1.0 dwelling unit per acre in the MU-C/R FLUC and MU-C/AC-3,

- Adjacent to a perennial stream, and

- Within the Watershed Protection Evers and the Special Treatment Overlay Districts. Additionally,

• The applicant requested Specific Approval for an alternative of LDC Section 402.7.D.7 to allow for a reduction to the front yard setback (20 feet for front loaded garages and 15 feet for side loaded garages).

• The purpose of the Special Approval and Specific Approval request is satisfied by the proposed project’s design. Staff recommends APPROVAL with stipulations.

• On March 8, 2018, by a vote of 4 – 0, the Planning Commission recommended approval. Mr. Conerly abstained; Mr. Rutledge and Mr. DeLesline were absent.

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Sarah Schenk reviewed and responded by emails to Matter 2018-0068 on February 12 & 14, 2018.

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