Manatee County announces COVID vaccination updates

Manatee County announces COVID vaccination updates
Posted on 04/07/2021

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (April 7, 2021) – As vaccines become more readily available to the public through pharmacies and physicians’ offices, Manatee County will close registration for its COVID-19 vaccination standby pool Monday, April 12 at 5 p.m.

Manatee County will schedule the remaining patients in the pool Tuesday, April 13 - Thursday, April 15 at Tom Bennett Park. Registrants will receive an automated call, text or email with their appointment date and time.

Manatee County will hold a first come, first served vaccine event at Tom Bennett Park on Wednesday, April 21, 8 a.m. – noon. Patients who receive their first dose at this event will receive their second dose on Wednesday, May 19.

Manatee County’s Public Safety Center vaccine site is continuing to administer second doses but will close once all second doses are completed on Friday, April 30. Manatee County’s Tom Bennet Park vaccine site will remain as the primary first dose location for those scheduled to receive a vaccine. As more and more opportunities arise to receive the vaccine, Manatee County will continue to monitor demand for the Tom Bennet Park vaccine site to gauge when the site should stop offering first doses later this month.

Residents who received a vaccine through Manatee County can find details on their second dose vaccine here.