Keep Manatee Beautiful

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Keep Manatee Beautiful, Inc., is a non-profit educational organization that has brought an innovative vision to Manatee County. Its commitment is to create a cleaner, more beautiful community. Litter prevention, beautification and environmental improvement through leadership in community awareness, education and involvement are emphasized.

Adopt-A-Highway and Adopt-A-Road

Adopt-A-Highway and Adopt-A-Road programs encourage volunteers to adopt sections of state highways and County roads within our community, with cleanups at least four times annually.

Interested organizations, groups, or individuals are asked to agree to participate by:

  • Adopting a one- or two-mile section
  • Committing to removing litter at least 4 times/year
  • Dedicating at least two years to the program
  • Sending a representative to two cleanup meetings/year
  • Completing a litter pickup form after each cleanup

Keep Manatee Beautiful will:

  • Provide safety vests, warning signs, and other cleanup supplies
  • Conduct safety meetings or video training
  • State or County will post Adopt-A-Highway/Road signs displaying the sponsoring group's name
  • Pick up bagged litter at specified locations

For additional information, please call 941-795-8272, send an e-mail to, or visit the Keep Manatee Beautiful website.


Storm Drain Stenciling

Keep Manatee Beautiful Inc. is dedicated to litter prevention, beautification and environmental improvement through leadership, community awareness, education and involvement. Often people dump chemicals and debris down storm drains which eventually enter our streams, lakes, bays and Gulf of Mexico. Your neighborhood is directly linked to our water resources through our storm drains. You can make a difference by participating in a storm drain stenciling project. Contact Keep Manatee Beautiful to select a location. Get a group together. Set a date for stenciling. Pick up a "dump no waste - protect your water" kit. The kit contains everything you'll need. Just return the kit when you're finished. It's that easy to make a difference.

For additional information, please call (941)795-8272, e-mail or visit the Keep Manatee Beautiful  website.