Current Guidelines Watering Restrictions

  • May 24, 2017
Image Watering Restrictions

Modified Phase III Water Shortage Restrictions

Phase III water shortage restrictions are in effect June 5, 2017 through August 1, 2017

Lawn Watering Schedule and Times

• Lawn watering is limited to a once-per-week schedule.

Addresses with “house numbers” … May only irrigate on …
Ending in 0 or 1 Monday
Ending in 2 or 3 Tuesday
Ending in 4 or 5 Wednesday
Ending in 6 or 7 Thursday
Ending in 8 or 9 Friday
No address (community common areas, etc.) Friday

• The allowable watering hours are before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m., regardless of property size.

Restrictions apply to all potable (drinking) water and all irrigation waters that come from wells, surface water sources including retention ponds, rivers, lakes, etc. Violations of this directive carry fines up to $10,000 as provided for under Florida Statute §373.129(5).

New Lawns & Plants

Property owners should contact the Water Conservation Office at (941) 792-8811 ext. 5327 to register a new landscape project and qualify for the following:

On days 1-30, beginning on the day of installation, new sod, grass seed and plant material may be watered any day of the week, before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m.

On days 31-60, new sod, grass seed and plant material may be watered as follows: Even-numbered addresses may only water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Odd-numbered addresses may only water on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Common areas, mixed even/odd addresses, and location with no address may water on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Following this period most smaller-sized plant material has become established and must follow the once-per-week restrictions outlined above. Larger trees and shrubs will need a longer establishment period and micro-irrigation can be used to continue the establishment period. Call the County Extension Office (941) 722-4524 to receive additional information on plant establishment periods.

NOTE: All new plant material (new or replacement sod, grass seed or new plants/shrubs) must cover at least 50% of an irrigation zone in order to water with an in-ground sprinkler system during the establishment period. If not, the new plant material must be hand watered following the same time of day and day of week restrictions for new plant establishment. (Example: If you purchased one flat of grass plugs to place throughout your front yard to fill in bare spots, this would not cover 50% or an irrigation zone. Handwatering would be required.) Also, only those zones containing 50% new plant material may be watered, not the entire yard. (Example: If you had your entire front yard reseeded, but not your backyard, only those zones covering the front yard may run during the establishment period. The backyard zones would have to remain on the regular watering schedule. Most irrigation timers have an A & B program. Program A can be set for the regular watering. Program B can be programmed for multiple days to only water those zones containing the new plant material during the establishment period.)

Failure to contact the Water Conservation Department may result in a warning notice or citation.

Handwatering and micro-irrigation

• Handwatering and micro-irrigation of plants (other than lawns) can be done on any day at any time, if needed. To further minimize evaporative loss, please consider using it only during the Phase III Water Shortage Restrictions allowable times (before 8:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m.).

Car Washing

• Car washing is limited to once-per-week on the designated watering day for the location.

Pressure Washing

• Pressure washing is allowed once a year and for necessary purposes, such as prior to painting or sealing, in order to maintain a paint or material warranty, to address a health or safety hazard and to comply with health laws. See also “Deed Restrictions” below.


• Fountains and other aesthetic water features may only operate eight hours per day. The regular hours of operation can be selected by the owner, but must be posted (see fact sheet for list of exemptions, such as water features that also provide aerification to koi ponds).

Deed Restrictions & Community Standards Enforcement

• Homeowners associations and other entities must suspend any requirement to replace lawns, pressure wash, or engage in other activity which increases water use during this water shortage declaration.

All Water Uses

• The “wasteful and unnecessary” use of water is prohibited.

Reclaimed Water

• Reclaimed water remains subject to voluntary watering hours, unless blended with another water source.