Make Cybersecurity Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

  • Nov 7, 2016
  • Originally published by Stop.Think.Connect
Image Make Cybersecurity Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

According to, some of the most popular New Year's Resolutions include losing weight, volunteering to help others and saving money. New Year's is a great time to start fresh and make resolutions to improve your life. Why not include making yourself more cyber-safe in the New Year? Below are some simple, measurable ideas for your cybersecurity resolutions:

  • Change the passwords for your devices and your major accounts (email, banking and social media) on a regular (i.e., bi-monthly) basis.
  • Check regularly to ensure your operating system and security software is up to date.
  • Check the privacy and security setting on your mobile devices and delete any applications you do not regularly use.


Set reminders on your calendar to keep on track with your cybersecurity resolutions. Also, consider making a resolution to talk about the importance of cybersecurity with your loved ones.