Parking Downtown

Image Parking Downtown

The County Parking Garage is located just north of the corner of Manatee Avenue West & 10th Street West across the street from the Property Appraiser's Office.


414 10th Street West,

Bradenton,  FL, 34205


Hourly Rates

Spaces 004-038 $0.25 per half hour / 2-hour limit.

Spaces 039-128 $0.25 per half hour / 10-hour limit.


Parking meters accept change only.


Parking Rules

The City has asked that motorists observe the following rules:


  • No backing into parking spaces.
  • Park between the lines.
  • Be observant of all posted signs.

More info...

The City has over 2,000 public parking spaces downtown and many of them are free on-street spaces, although there are time limits ranging from one to three hours on most on-street spaces with the exception of the parking spaces along Barcarrota Boulevard (Parking Map).


For more information on public parking, the City's electric charging stations, or to obtain a monthly parking permit please call the City of Bradenton Parking Enforcement at (941) 932-9374.