Public Art Displays in County Buildings


Manatee County staff may request, from time to time, that artists lend requested works of art to the County for display within the facilities. The artists so solicited shall be either Manatee County residents or the artwork in question shall be deemed by staff to be relevant in some way to the history, industry, culture, geography or residents of Manatee County.

To the extent any display will be in a building occupied by a governmental entity or official other than the County (such as the courts or a constitutional officer), the appropriate managing agents of those entities or officials shall be consulted as to any proposed County placement of loaned works, so as to ensure the operations of those entities or officials are not disrupted.
This policy is not intended to create a public or limited public forum but instead intends to authorize County staff to make the most effective and efficient use of facilities in accordance with the County’s ownership/operation of those facilities.

For further information please read the display rules outlined in the attached administrative procedure and submit completed forms to the Property Management Office located in the Manatee County Administrative Center, 8th floor.  For further assistance, please call 941-748-4501, ext. 3017.


Administrative Procedure:  604.001 Public Art Displays w Forms (PDF)