Willie J. "Bro" Clemons, Jr. Pool Swim Lessons

Image Willie J. "Bro" Clemons, Jr. Pool Swim Lessons

We offer swim lessons designed for participants 5 years of age and up, including adults. The swim lessons offered are based on the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program, utilizing all the techniques necessary for swimmers to safely enjoy the water. For beginner swimmers, the emphasis is placed on water safety and basic swimming skills. For more advanced swimmers, stroke refinement and endurance are the main focus. The end goal of Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources is to reduce the number of water related incidents while increasing an understanding of all the benefits that swimming can offer

Summer Class Schedule


For more information, email parksandrecreation@mymanatee.org or call the G.T. Bray Recreation Center at 742 5923.


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Level Descriptions

Infant/Toddler Class (6 months – 2 years)
This class is designed to ensure a high comfort level in and around the water and a readiness to swim.  One parent or trusted guardian must be present to assist the instructor while the infant/toddler makes the adjustment to being around water.

Preschool Classes (3 - 4 years)
This course helps to provide a high comfort level in and around the water and a readiness to swim for preschoolers.  Children learn about basic water safety and the skills to become accomplished swimmers. Class size is limited to 3 children per instructor.

Age Group Lessons (5 and older)
Children learn basic water safety practices and the skills to make them accomplished swimmers as they progress through this 10-level program.

Level 1: Bubbles and water adaption
Level 2: Front and back float, glide and streamline
Level 3: Front and back kick
Level 4: Freestyle without breathing
Level 5: Freestyle with breathing pattern
Level 6: Freestyle, breaststroke kick and treading
Level 7: Freestyle 50 yards and breaststroke 25 yards
Level 8: Freestyle with bilateral breathing 50 yard
Level 9: Freestyle 100 yards, breaststroke and backstroke 50 yards and butterfly 25 yards
Level 10: Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke 100 yards, and 100 yards IM with starts and turns