Recreational Swimming

Image Recreational Swimming

The center features a recreational pool, one (1) diving board, kiddie pool, and 3,00 square foot splash park.

The center features amenities, such as a recreational pool that starts at 3 feet in the shallowest section and descends to 10 feet in the dive area, one (1) diving board, and a dedicated area for younger swimmers, including a kiddie pool. The recreational pool is shaded to provide comfort from the summer sun, and the kiddie pool, located directly next to the splash park, has a stepped entry for family members to sit and watch over their youngsters.


The 3,000 square foot splash park offers many different engaging and stimulating spray features, such as tumble buckets that dump water onto those who stand underneath its stream, a mushroom with a continuous curtain of cascading water, and many ground sprays that deliver refreshing springs of water, to entice patrons of all ages.



  • Children 14 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult, 18 years or older.
  • The pool may close for inclement weather.
  • The entry fee applies to everyone entering the facility, NO exceptions.