Marine Resources

Image Marine Resources

The Marine Resources Program of the Parks and Natural Resources Department is charged with installing and maintaining those aids to navigation and regulatory waterway signs that are the County's responsibility, the removal of lost and abandoned vessels from the County waterways, construction of artificial reefs, manatee protection efforts, and the construction and maintenance of County boat ramp facilities.

Marine Resource Activities

  1. Lost or Abandoned Vessels
  2. Manatee Protection
  3. Boat Ramps
  4. Artificial Reefs

Lost or Abandoned Vessels

Lost or Abandoned Vessels

The Marine Resources Program monitors the presence of lost and/or abandoned vessels in Manatee County's waterways. Manatee County Ordinance 05-16 prohibits any person from willfully or intentionally leaving lost or abandoned vessels upon County waters and provides a means for their removal.

read on Lost or Abandoned Vessels

Manatee Protection

Manatee Protection

In order to adequately protect manatees, Manatee County has implemented slow-speed zones in many of our waterways. Signage installed throughout County waters identifies regulated zones that manatees frequent. read on Manatee Protection

Overview Artificial Reefs

Manatee County has been involved in reef construction since the late 1960’s and currently has 11 artificial reefs with two more soon to be constructed. The County’s major objectives in constructing artificial reefs are to create an underwater environment that balances public user-group interests, such as fishing and diving with resource conservation and minimal environmental impact. read on Artificial Reefs