Camping at Duette Preserve

Image Camping at Duette Preserve

Primitive tent camping at Duette Preserve is available Friday and Saturday Nights during non-hunt weekends. The campsite features a large open grass area with bathroom on site, but no running water.

Camping is $20 plus tax per site (maximum 6 people at site)

Interested in Camping at Duette?


  1. Check that there is no scheduled hunt for the particular weekend you plan on camping
  2. Before the weekend you plan on camping call the Duette Preserve check station at 1-941-776-2295 to let us know you would like to camp at Duette (preferably the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday before you plan on camping – this gives us time to clean the bathrooms and mow if need be). Leave a message with your name and number if no one answers.
  3. Print out the Annual Activities Pass and fill out the form completely and circle the dates you wish to camp (Friday, Saturday, or both). Have that with you and your payment when you come to camp
  4. You will receive the gate combination to the Preserve access gates for that particular weekend.
  5. You will then be able to enter the Preserve to camp on Friday, Saturday, or both days.
  6.  It will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY – you must come to the Duette Preserve check station on that Saturday between the times of 11:30 A.M. and 2 P.M. to pay for your camping
Camping is $20.00 a night + 7% sales tax + 5% Tourist tax = $22.40 a night
That is $22.40 is for up to 6 people


Have any Questions? Please call Duette Preserve at 1-941-776-2295